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NHANES Data (2007-2008)
Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2007-2008).
andrew.bulawaFeb 28, 2017203KB291
MA336 C14: NHANES Dataandrew.bulawaSep 20, 2016458KB241
MA336: Gradesandrew.bulawaOct 26, 2015551B63
MA336: NHANES Data 2andrew.bulawaOct 14, 2015458KB21
MA336: US Temperaturesandrew.bulawaOct 12, 20152KB153
MA336: NHANES Demographics Data
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: Demographics Data (2007-2008)
andrew.bulawaSep 28, 20151MB129
MA336 Survey (Fall 2015)andrew.bulawaSep 1, 20153KB206
MA336 F24B Rosterandrew.bulawaAug 31, 2015487B39
MA336: Lakes
53 different Florida lakes were studied. Water samples were collected from the surface of the middle of each lake in August 1990 and then again in March 1991. The pH level, the amount of chlorophyll, calcium, and alkalinity were measured in each sample. The average of the August and March values were used in the analysis. Next, a sample of fish was taken from each lake with sample sizes ranging from 4 to 44 fish. The age of each fish and mercury concentration in the muscle tissue was measured.
andrew.bulawaDec 1, 20142KB116
MA336: Car Mileageandrew.bulawaOct 27, 20143KB196
MA336: Crawling Age vs Temperatureandrew.bulawaOct 27, 2014367B66
MA336: CEO Salariesandrew.bulawaOct 27, 2014443B115
Mortgage Lending
Acorn is the acronym for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. These data were presented by Acorn to a Joint Congressional Hearing on discrimination in lending.
andrew.bulawaOct 27, 2014665B294
MA336: Responses to Class Survey #1andrew.bulawaOct 13, 20141KB106
MA336: Homes and Taxes
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 20143KB139
MA336: Oil Production
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 2014302B114
MA336: Transformations
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 20141KB23
MA336: Companies
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 20144KB77
MA336: Babies Crawl
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 2014352B61
MA336: Smoking and Cancer
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 20141KB118
MA336: Acorns
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 20142KB29
MA336: US Crime (1960)
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 20142KB61
MA336: Boys vs Girls Extreme Example
This is an extreme example of data similar to the MA336: Popularity data set. It illustrates that the number of 1 rankings does not always indicate which group ranked a given option closer to 1 overall. It is better to compare mean or median rankings.
andrew.bulawaOct 5, 2014272B36
MA336: Passenger Car Mileage
Variable Names: VOL: Cubic feet of cab space HP: Engine horspower MPG: Average miles per gallon SP: Top speed (mph) WT: Vehicle weight (100 lb)
andrew.bulawaOct 2, 20143KB188
MA336: Smoking and Cancer
The data are per capita numbers of cigarettes smoked (sold) by 43 states and the District of Columbia in 1960 together with death rates per thouusand population from various forms of cancer. Variable Names: CIG = Number of cigarettes smoked (hds per capita) BLAD = Deaths per 100K population from bladder cancer LUNG = Deathes per 100K population from lung cancer KID = Deaths per 100K population from bladder cancer LEUK = Deaths per 100 K population from leukemia
andrew.bulawaOct 2, 20141KB195
US Temperatures
The data gives the normal average January minimum temperature in degrees Fahrenheit with the latitude and longitude of 56 U.S. cities. (For each year from 1931 to 1960, the daily minimum temperatures in January were added together and divided by 31. Then, the averages for each year were averaged over the 30 years.)
andrew.bulawaOct 2, 20142KB404
A single can of dried eggs was stirred well. Samples were drawn and a pair of samples (claimed to be of two "types"), was sent to each of six commercial laboratories to be analyzed for fat content. Each laboratory assigned two technicians, who each analyzed both "types".
andrew.bulawaSep 29, 2014605B326
MA336: IQ
andrew.bulawaSep 29, 20141KB227
MA336: Caloriesandrew.bulawaSep 29, 20141KB210
MA336: Popularityandrew.bulawaSep 29, 201424KB553


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