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CAP 3CSN Movie Data
Title: Movie title Year: Year movie was released Studio: Studios categorized as Big6 or Other Studio Name: Name of studio producing the movie Genre: Action/Adventure or Other Budget: Movie budget in millions of dollars US Box Office: total box office sales in millions of dollars Opening Week: box office sales for opening week in millions of dollars Movie Length: length of movie in minutes Trailer Length: length of advertising trailer in seconds Director: Name of the movie’s director Director Gender: male or female Director Race: W (white) or POC (person of color) Star: Name of the movie’s lead star Star Gender: male or female Star Race: W (white) or POC (person of color) Costar: Name of the movie’s main costar Costar Gender: male or female Costar Race: W (white) or POC (person of color) IMDb_Rating: Average IMDb user rating on a scale of 1-10 Metascore: Score out of 100, based on major critic reviews as provided by Metacriticcom_rating: Number of critic reviews used to calculate the Metascore Rotten_Tomatoes: Score out of 100, based on authors from writing guilds or film critic associations Number of Oscars: number of Oscars won by the movie Oscar Nominations: number of Oscar nominations for the movie Oscar Winner: whether the movie won an Oscar (yes or no)
alysonbutcherSep 5, 201312KB527


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