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TSUB Case Study 3.3
Team home run counts for 1927, 1961, 1998, and 2001 seasons.
albertcb1Sep 12, 20152KB9
TSUB Case Study 3.2
Career pitching statistics for Robin Roberts and Whitey Ford
albertcb1Sep 12, 20152KB10
TSUB Exercise 2.12
Career pitching statistics for Bob Feller.
albertcb1Sep 12, 2015888B21
TSUB Exercise 2.9
Career pitching statistics for Sandy Koufax
albertcb1Sep 12, 2015600B18
TSUB Exercise 2.5
Career batting statistics for Babe Ruth.
albertcb1Sep 12, 20151KB27
TSUB Exercise 2.1
Career batting statistics for Joe DiMaggio
albertcb1Sep 12, 2015711B44
mobile phone personality
Hypothetical survey of 200 students, asking each for their Brand of cell phone and their personality.
albertcb1Nov 19, 20142KB43
3410 Probability Estimatesalbertcb1Sep 23, 2014807B112
3410 body measurementsalbertcb1Sep 16, 2014656B36
Graduation Rates
The U.S. Department of Education released four-year high school graduation rates for the 2010-2011 school year. The department computes an adjusted graduation rate for states by dividing the number of students earning a regular diploma by an "adjusted cohort" for the graduating class -- the number of ninth graders four years ago, plus students transferring in, minus those who transferred, emigrated or passed away during the four school years. Graduation data for Kentucky, Idaho and Oklahoma was not reported for the 2010-2011 school year.
albertcb1Sep 9, 20142KB242
Hypothetical Exam Scoresalbertcb1Sep 9, 2014106B19
3410 Fall 2014 Data
Data collected in a MATH 3410 class at Bowling Green State University.
albertcb1Sep 4, 20141KB131
Weights of a group of candies. This is used to demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem.
albertcb1Jul 9, 20141KB586
roulette 3 number
Shows setup for a roulette simulation where you are betting $5 on the three numbers 11, 12, 13 that payoff at 11 to 1 odds.
albertcb1Jul 9, 2014210B89
Scores on Two Tests
Scores on two tests for 13 students in a college mathematics class.
albertcb1Jul 8, 2014157B134
Olympics Men Winning Race Times
Gold medal winning times in the men running events for the years 1972 through 2012.
albertcb1Jul 8, 2014447B524
Airfares 2014
Cheapest air fares (found from from Detroit to different cities for a trip from August 4 to August 11, 2014. The variables are the name of the city, the distance (air miles), and the air fare.
albertcb1Jul 8, 2014280B239
WBA Heights
Name, position, age, and height (inches) for all players on the rosters of the WNBA teams, Eastern Conference for the 2014 season.
albertcb1Jul 7, 20142KB1448
Mean ACT scores for 14 Illinois high schools for years 2001 and 2003.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013514B66
Lengths in minutes and year produced for a group of movies.
albertcb1Dec 15, 20131KB74
McDonalds Calories
Serving size and calories for a number of sandwiches at McDonalds.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013369B113
Serving size and calories for a number of McDonalds sandwiches.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013374B37
Batting averages for a group of players for two consecutive years.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013426B167
Achievement measure and distance to northern border for a number of states in the U.S.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013965B41
Fan cost index for two sports at a number of different cities.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013295B53
"Text statistics" for a number of books sold on the web site.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013619B62
Winning time in Olympics men run for different years and distances.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013460B57
Measurements for different types of mammals.
albertcb1Dec 15, 20131KB99
Measurements for 38 automobiles in the 1978-79 model year.
albertcb1Dec 15, 20132KB101
Weather measurements for a number of cities in the United States.
albertcb1Dec 15, 2013382B150
Golf statistics for the top 30 LPGA and the top 30 PGA professionals for the 2002 season.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20132KB465
Population change (percent) between the years 2000 and 2010 for all states in the United States.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013751B206
Car mileages for a group of cars from the 2004 model year.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013578B85
Average gas prices for all states in the United States for years 2004 and 2011.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20132KB215
Field goal shooting percentages for the top 20 ranked college basketball teams and the bottom 20 ranked college basketball teams for the 2003-2004 season.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20131KB81
Nutritional information for different flavors of two brands of ice cream.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20133KB164
Salaries of players of the Los Angeles Laker and Los Angeles Dodgers sports teams for the 2003-2004 season.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20131KB233
Round-trip plane fares from Detroit to a number of national and international destinations.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013741B55
Revenues of the top ten movies for the years 1995, 2000, 2005, and 2010.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20131KB173
Worship attendance numbers for a particular Ohio church during different months of a year.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013663B49
From Cities Rated and Ranked book, the 30 top and 30 bottom metropolitan areas and their population density and their population growth.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20132KB87
Position and nationality of a group of NBA professional basketball players.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20134KB374
Measurement of percentage of young people, aged 11, 13, 15, who have been drunk two or more times for a group of 29 countries in a UNICEF study.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013448B79
Plane fares from Detroit to a number of different cities.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013293B142
Nutritional data collected for different flavors of Ben and Jerry ice cream.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20131KB134
Gross sales for a collection of movies with Julie Roberts.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013914B226
School type of 66 schools in Forth Worth, Texas.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013764B231
Chief religion for a selection of countries.
albertcb1Dec 14, 20131KB98
Heights of 50 women from an introductory statistics class.
albertcb1Dec 14, 2013217B104
Population of Ohio counties from 2012 Census.
albertcb1Dec 13, 20132KB198
Countries of birth for a sample of Major League Baseball players for the 2005 season.
albertcb1Dec 13, 20138KB102
In a UNICEF study, two variables that were measured for a group of 21 countries: “health”, the percentage of young people rating their health as "fair or poor", aged 11, 13, and 15, and “swell”, the percentage of young people 'liking school a lot', aged 11, 13, and 15.
albertcb1Dec 12, 2013425B49
Ages of death taken from the obituary page of a local newspaper.
albertcb1Dec 12, 2013406B44
Duration of phone calls (in minutes) for 58 calls for a local company taken from a monthly bill.
albertcb1Dec 12, 2013289B44
Waiting times between successive eruptions at Old Faithful geyser.
albertcb1Dec 12, 2013901B222
Students in an introductory statistics class were asked how many movie dvds they owned.
albertcb1Dec 12, 20132KB54
Heights (in inches) of 428 women in an introductory statistics class.
albertcb1Dec 12, 20131KB110
Different variables collected for all states of the United States.
albertcb1Dec 11, 20133KB79
Gasoline prices of different states.
albertcb1Dec 11, 20131KB50
Daily temperatures of Atlanta.
albertcb1Dec 11, 2013130B48
High school completion rates for all states in the United States.
albertcb1Dec 11, 2013813B72
Data on used cars.
albertcb1Dec 11, 20131KB110
Is it Real or Fake?
Results of a coin flipping activity in MATH 2450 at Bowling Green State University. X = number of heads Y = length of longest run (of H or T) Z = number of switches (H to T or T to H)
albertcb1Dec 4, 2013730B179
Setting up a roulette simulation. One is betting $5 on numbers 7, 8, 9 and the odds of winning are 11 to 1. The variable Slot gives the 38 locations on the roulette wheel and Payoff gives the payoff. If numbers 7, 8, or 9 come up, the payoff is 11 x 5 + 5 = $60.
albertcb1Dec 3, 2013201B153
This data contains the mean user ratings for the first 190 episodes of How I Met Your Mother as reported at The variable Rating gives the mean rating and N is the number of users who rated the episode.
albertcb1Oct 29, 20137KB69
For a collection of northern and southern states, collect the percentage of adult residents born in a different state, and the percentage of adult residents born in state and still living there.
albertcb1Oct 11, 2013527B35
The regular prices of 15 specific grocery items were collected at a supermarket in 2008 and again in 2013. The variables are Item, the price in 2008, the price in 2013 (both in dollars), and the percentage increase from 2008 to 2013.
albertcb1Sep 26, 2013535B324
Graduation rates and incomes for U.S. states
High school graduation rate and average personal income collected for 25 states in the U.S.
albertcb1Sep 25, 2013559B3186
Prices of 15 particular items collected from three local grocery stores in Ohio
albertcb1Sep 17, 2013571B343
Statistics taken for all points during a college tennis match in the Fall of 2010. Variables are the Game: the game number, Server: the server (Wittenberg or Otterbein), Length: the number of shots in the rally, and Winner: the winner of the point.
albertcb1Sep 3, 20131KB171
Various body measurements taken from a statistics class at Bowling Green State University.
albertcb1Aug 28, 2013259B77
Student data collected from a MATH 2450 class at Bowling Green State University
albertcb1Aug 26, 20131KB28


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