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Responses to First Day of Class Survey SU1 2016 Math 320 VA31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMay 3, 20182KB192
Responses to FDOC Survey SP1 2018 Math 320 EA31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 5, 20182KB54
Responses to FDOC Survey SU1 2017 Math 320 VA31292688_ecollege_rmumlpJul 24, 20171KB42
Greenhouse Emissions for Cars31292688_ecollege_rmumlpSep 15, 2016721B228
Pennsylvania State Parks31292688_ecollege_rmumlpSep 15, 201649B88
Cadmium Levels in Mushrooms (Parts per Million)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpSep 15, 2016111B76
Mean Weights of Pennies31292688_ecollege_rmumlpSep 15, 2016281B251
Shortleaf Pines Diameters (Test 1 Version B)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpAug 14, 2016709B83
Number of Women Reps. Per State31292688_ecollege_rmumlpApr 4, 2016107B147
Bookstore Textbook Prices31292688_ecollege_rmumlpApr 3, 2016143B532
Maryland Number of Drug and Alcohol Related Deaths 2012 (Test 1 Version B)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 15, 2016398B83
CO2 consumption (in millions of tons) worldwide from 1885 until 2011 (Test 1 Version A)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 15, 20162KB69
Maryland Number of Alcohol and Drug Related Deaths 2013 (Test 1 Version C)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 14, 2016400B124
Temp vs. Chirp31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 3, 2016195B23
Number (in Millions) of Civilian, Non-Institutionalized Persons with Diagnosed Diabetes, United States, 1980-2014 (Test 1 Version C)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 3, 2016375B244
Age vs. Hours Worked31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 3, 201676B376
Crimes and Arrests31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMar 3, 2016155B58
Responses to First Day of Class Survey SP1 2016 Math 320 UA31292688_ecollege_rmumlpFeb 25, 20164KB98
practice31292688_ecollege_rmumlpFeb 25, 201628B9
Exam Scores (Week 1 Notes Chebyshev's)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpFeb 24, 2016144B21
Firearms Deaths per 100,000 by State (Test 1 Version A)31292688_ecollege_rmumlpAug 13, 20152KB122
Responses to First Day of Class Survey SU2 2015 320VA31292688_ecollege_rmumlpJul 30, 20153KB47
In Class Project Chapter 931292688_ecollege_rmumlpJun 29, 2015970B29
A Morgan Heights31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMay 18, 20151KB38
Tv Viewing Times31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMay 12, 201579B152
Responses to First Day of Class Survey Summer 2015 320UA31292688_ecollege_rmumlpMay 5, 20152KB53


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