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Owner: ahoovjr
Created: Nov 10, 2009
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NFL Draft Pick Linear Regression
Simple linear regression results:
Dependent Variable: Draft picks
Independent Variable: Pop (millions)
Draft picks = -0.10938959 + 0.8473506 Pop (millions)
Sample size: 51
R (correlation coefficient) = 0.8618
R-sq = 0.7426501
Estimate of error standard deviation: 3.3623004
Parameter estimates:
Parameter Estimate Std. Err. DF T-Stat P-Value
Intercept -0.10938959 0.6318798 49 -0.17311771 0.8633
Slope 0.8473506 0.07125822 49 11.891268 <0.0001

Analysis of variance table for regression model:
Source DF SS MS F-stat P-value
Model 1 1598.5616 1598.5616 141.40225 <0.0001
Error 49 553.9482 11.305064
Total 50 2152.5098

By 09walkb
On Oct 16, 2008
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2008 NFL Draft Picks per State
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The categorical variable that I chose were all of the States and the numerical variable I used was the number of draft picks in each State. For the majority of the States, only a couple of draft picks came from each state, whereas in states with a higher population such as Texas, Florida, California, and New York these states produced more draft picks.

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<A href="">2008 NFL Draft Picks per State</A>

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