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Owner: jmodlin3
Created: Nov 17, 2019
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Simple Linear Regression
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Simple linear regression results:

Dependent Variable: TV
Independent Variable: Youtube
TV = 18.542733 - 0.16443022 Youtube
Sample size: 30
R (correlation coefficient) = -0.069024655
R-sq = 0.0047644029
Estimate of error standard deviation: 11.413866

Parameter estimates:

ParameterEstimateStd. Err.AlternativeDFT-StatP-value
Intercept18.5427333.3125374 ≠ 0285.5977431<0.0001
Slope-0.164430220.44911891 ≠ 028-0.366117350.717

Analysis of variance table for regression model:


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<A href="">Simple Linear Regression</A>

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