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Created: Oct 6, 2009
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Analysis of the Average Marriage Age for Men and Women from 1890 to 2003
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From the graphical summaries, females tend to get married at an earlier age than males. Although both histograms are skewed right, the females' histogram clearly illustrates a skewed right shape. The stem and leaf further supports the early marriage age for females but illustrates a greater age range as well.

Based on the column statistics, the mean age of marriage for males is 24.42, a median of 24.1, standard deviation of 1.58, and an interquartile range of 2.9. The mean marriage age for females is 21.97, a median of 21.3, standard deviation of 1.73, and an interquartile range of 3.1.  Even though the mean and median are fairly close, one cannot use the Empirical Rule since the histograms do not follow a bell-shape.

Finally, the boxplot provides a visual representation of the min, max, quartiles, and median. It also further illustrates the skewed right shape for males and females based on the length of the whiskers and relationship of the median.

Result 1: Histogram of Marriage Age for Males   [Info]
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Result 2: Histogram of Marriage Age for Females   [Info]
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Result 3: Stem and Leaf of Marriage Age for Males   [Info]
Variable: Men
22 : 556667788888889
23 : 001111122233578
24 : 02334678
25 : 124457899
26 : 1123557788999
27 : 11

Result 4: Stem and Leaf of Marriage Age for Females   [Info]
Variable: Women
20 : 122222333333344
20 : 55556688899
21 : 011233
21 : 56689
22 : 0013
22 : 58
23 : 013
23 : 6689
24 : 14
24 : 5558
25 : 001133

Result 5: Column Statistics of Average Marriage Age 1890-2003   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Men 62 24.42258 2.516531 1.5863577 0.20146763 24.1 4.6 22.5 27.1 23 25.9
Women 62 21.974194 2.9878478 1.7285392 0.2195247 21.3 5.2 20.1 25.3 20.5 23.6

Result 6: Boxplot of Marriage Age for both Males and Females   [Info]
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Data set 1. Marriage Age 2003   [Info]
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