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Created: Jul 31, 2019
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Lab 7 Sean Lankston
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The p value is more than alpha which means we would fail to reject the null hypothesis.


a. Since the p value is less than alpha we would reject the null hypothesis in favor of the alternative hypothesis. Thus based on the results we can say that the assembly line should be shut down so that the machine can be re-caliberated. In testing also, we accepted the fact that true average is not 64.05.

b. The level of significance of alpha equal to 0.01 is more reasonable than 0.1 because in such a precise situation risk higher than 1% would be detrimental.


The is less variability in the filling machine given that the p value is so large and close to 1.

Result 1: One sample proportion summary hypothesis test 10.2.20   [Info]

One sample proportion summary hypothesis test:

p : Proportion of successes
H0 : p = 0.38
HA : p > 0.38

Hypothesis test results:
ProportionCountTotalSample Prop.Std. Err.Z-StatP-value

Result 2: One sample T hypothesis test 10.3.24   [Info]

One sample T hypothesis test:

μ : Mean of variable
H0 : μ = 64.05
HA : μ ≠ 64.05

Hypothesis test results:
VariableSample MeanStd. Err.DFT-StatP-value
Filling Bottles64.0072730.009516033821-4.49002950.0002

Result 3: One sample variance summary hypothesis test 10.4.10   [Info]

One sample variance summary hypothesis test:

σ2 : Variance of population
H0 : σ2 = 0.1764
HA : σ2 < 0.1764

Hypothesis test results:
VarianceSample Var.DFChi-square StatP-value

Data set 1. Lab 7 10_3_24.txt   [Info]
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