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Created: May 30, 2019
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Violent Property Rates
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Summary statistics: My Hypothesis was to show our county and city aren't the only ones that have firearms and violence is everywhere.

During this Ebl assignment I used violent count and firearm count of 50 countries random to see where a lot of

the violent acts other places around the world, and what the rates are. The mean was 1437.0 which is the

result of violent count from all countys. The median is 168 and there are multiple modes for this topic. The

standard deviation is 3258.8 and the Variance is 1062031. And last but not least the correlation and regression

is 0.7764, 193.3068. During this project It was something I knew I have so history about and I choose this

because people don't know these types things and it's to inform then and gather more knowledge about violent

property rates. This also is touchy to me because I have lost numerous friends and family to violent actions and

I want to inform. At the end of this my Conclusion is that one more places that I wouldn't think of had a lot of

violence and it goes with my Hypothesis when I say where i am from has violence but some people who never

been to these other places didn't know the rates or counts on anything other than the county they are from.


ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3SumIQRUnadj. std. dev.Mode
Year 45 2017 0 0 0 2017 0 2017 2017 2017 2017 90765 0 0 2017
Violent Count 45 1437.0889 10620351 3258.888 485.80634 168 14589 4 14593 93 766 64669 673 3222.4747 Multiple modes
Violent Rate 44 243.71818 21222.494 145.67942 21.961999 203.75 797.9 54.6 852.5 150.75 303.95 10723.6 153.2 144.01446 No mode
Firearm Count 44 179.65909 143164.28 378.37055 57.041507 19 1753 0 1753 6 132.5 7905 126.5 374.04618 Multiple modes
Firearm Rate 45 29.648889 641.7921 25.333616 3.7765125 24.8 100.7 0 100.7 11.2 38.4 1334.2 27.2 25.05055 12.8

Data set 1. Violent Property Rates   [Info]
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