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Created: May 9, 2019
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Vitamin C cancer treatment
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The least affective is Breast cancer as shown below. The  shape of the boxploys were square and the two with the highest mean were rectangular. Bronchus, stomach and colon all has outliers. I know they hadthem because the all have the dots on the boxplot next to them. Colon cancer had the most with the survival rates. The cancer with the most dispersion of survival times is ovary.

Summary statistics:

ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3IQRUnadj. std. dev.Mode
STOMACH 17 258.58824 93733.757 306.15969 74.254632 138 1087 25 1112 51 340 289 297.01853 No mode
BRONCHUS 17 205.05882 45885.934 214.21002 51.953562 155 839 20 859 64 246 182 207.81425 Multiple modes
COLON 13 554.53846 196789.6 443.60974 123.03521 406 1663 180 1843 365 537 172 426.20645 No mode
OVARY 11 1444.3636 1864812.3 1365.5813 411.73825 791 3719 89 3808 356 2970 2614 1302.0307 No mode
BREAST 6 795.5 423625.1 650.86489 265.71448 946.5 1557 24 1581 40 1235 1195 594.15563 No mode

Result 1: Boxplot   [Info]
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