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Owner: chrishonac
Created: May 9, 2019
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Descriptive Statistics EBL Chrishona Clippard
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           I chose to perform my analysis on the prices of high end cosmetics. Basically narrowing down brand name make up prices differences. Most people know that makeup prices differ from no brand to name brand. But, what they don't know that I learned was even the brand names prices differ depending on higher brand level. I compared the prices from Dior, Lancome, Shisiedo, Chanel and, Estee Laude.I first ran summary statistics and obtained the following results.The average cost of the products are as shown. which was mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, blush and concealer. Once I got the results from the prices the Mean i got from the most makeup product spent on is foundation at 45.6. Then I graphed a boxplot that shows the averages of the items and how each differ no matter the brand but the prices.I choose this data set because I use these make up brands and this is something that will be apart of my future business process. I learned that Chanel was one of the highest cosmetic products sold and that the name isn't that important its the quality and the price that varies.



Data was obtained from and reported from various stores. 






Summary statistics: 

ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3IQRCoef. of var.Mode
Mascara 5 26.8 5.7 2.3874673 1.0677078 27 6 24 30 25 28 3 8.90846 No mode
Eye Shaddow 5 39 126.5 11.247222 5.0299105 38 28 25 53 32 47 15 28.83903 No mode
Lipstick 5 27.6 14.3 3.7815341 1.6911535 26 9 24 33 25 30 5 13.70121 No mode
Nail Polish 4 21 22 4.6904158 2.3452079 21.5 11 15 26 17.5 24.5 7 22.335313 No mode
Liquid Foundation 5 45.6 59.8 7.733046 3.4583233 43 19 37 56 41 51 10 16.958434 No mode
Concealer 5 32 46.5 6.8190908 3.0495901 30 18 24 42 29 35 6 21.309659 No mode
Blush 5 39.4 114.8 10.714476 4.7916594 35 26 30 56 32 44 12 27.194102 No mode

Result 1: CosmeticsBoxplot   [Info]
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Data set 1. Cosmetics Cost   [Info]
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