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Created: Mar 29, 2019
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Phase Two: Flagler College Students and School Shootings Spring 2019
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On the first phase of this project, the students in school shootings was sampled from 150 Flagler College students in the fall 2016 semester. In this phase of the report, the same sample of 150 students will be divided into two smaller samples. The two samples are the same sample of Flagler College students that though a school shooter should be executed or not executed. For purpose of this report, the two samples will be defined with a sample phrase. The term “executed shooter” and “non executed shooter” will refer to the sample of Flagler College students opinion’s who though thought they either should be killed or not. There are “65” executed shooters and “85” non executed shooters.

Result 1: Executed Shooter vs Non Executed Shooter   [Info]
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Students surveyed many questions regarding the use of a firearm. They answered questions such as how old they are, what is their gender, what type of school  they graduated from, whether or not they know someone who has been removed from school due to a shooting, number of school shootings they recall, how many people they know that conceal, and their opinion whether or not the shooter should be executed. These statistics also looked into whether the shooter was tried as an adult, and if they believe the government is doing enough to protect students. Within this graph, the results of the opinions from students show the number that should be executed or not.

Result 2: Number of School Shooters between Executed and Non-Executed SS   [Info]
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Comparison #1

The stacked box plots and corresponding summary statistics looks at the execution rate from students opinion’s. The summary statistics shows that the higher rate (more spread and larger of an IQR) of school shootings recalled by a student means a higher rate the students believe the shooter should be executed. This is probably because the horrors of experiencing a shooting or being more aware of it means the observer is less empathetic for the shooter. The spread with the ‘yes’ to being executed is also more spread out due to the outliers around 11, 15, 20, and 25. The shooters who should not get executed also had outliers at 20 and 25. Those are abnormally large numbers meaning that the likelihood of a shooting is very realistic. That would not be common because once there are too many shootings, precautions are taken such as executing the shooter. The spread of non executions is 2 and the spread of executions is 3, meaning that the data set is similar. The medians are both equal meaning there is little to no standard error between the results. The mean is higher amongst the number of shooters who are not executed. This could largely be part to the fact that the population is 85 rather than 65. The variances are only around 2.2 of a difference therefore both spreads are fairly similar. The standard deviations are also close which only proves the compatibility between the two boxplots.

Result 3: Number of School Shootings vs Executions   [Info]

Summary statistics for Number of School Shootings:

Group by: Executed
ExecutednMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3SumIQR

Result 4: Executed vs Gender   [Info]
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Comparison #2

The split bar plot shows the gender of the flagler college students and whether or not they believe a school shooter should be executed. The majority of female Flagler College Students said no that a school shooter should not be executed. 63.3% of females said no while 36.7% of females said a school shooter should be executed. However, these results are practically the exact opposite for Flagler male students. 61% of males said yes a school shooter should be executed while 39% said no. This split bar plot shows that females are more likely to think a school shooter should not be killed, while males would most likely say they should be executed.  This suggests that gender has a significant part in whether a person thinks a school shooter should be executed or not.

Result 5: Contingency Table   [Info]

Contingency table results:

Rows: Executed
Columns: Gender

Chi-Square test:


Comparison #3

The contingency table compares the responses of students who think a shooter should be executed or not and the gender of the respondent. Overall, 85 out the 150 student believe that a shooter should not be executed. Thus, around 56% (85/150) of all the students surveyed, or the majority, feel that a shooter should not be executed. The women surveyed were more likely to say no to an execution and the males were more likely to say yes. That is, 63% (69/109) of the women feel a shooter should be killed while 39% (16/41) of the men believe a shooter should be killed.  Thus, approximately 24% more of the women show more empathy towards a shooter.


In this comparison of the execution rates, versus the number of school shootings that students have recalled from men and women, the correlation was hard to analyze.  After seeing this information, we have concluded that euthanization is not very popular and more shooters were not as killed as we would have thought. Gender was analyzed in the split bar graph but was not a deciding factor on their opinion.  While there were tendencies amongst the males, correlation does not lead to causation. If a shooter is euthanized, which is less of the time, females show more compassion towards the shooter. But, when the amount of shootings that a student could think about raised, so did the execution rate, with both genders. The stacked box plots and number summary evaluate the number of school shootings the men or women recall in their life. This has shown that the the amount of shootings and executions can not be easily related as the categorical tables do not yield a consistent result. There was a high number of outliers in the box plots meaning that shootings are unpredictable and each scenario is dealt with differently.

Data set 1. Flagler College Students and School Shootings Spri   [Info]
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