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Created: Feb 23, 2019
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Marissa's Fun Fun Fun Report
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My group and I designed a survey about having fun. This survey is good-natured and Fun. The population for this survey was chosen randomly among Adults. 

We asked the following questions

Question 1. How many hours per week do you set aside for fun? (number answer)

Question 2: How many times a week do you laugh until you cry? (number answer)

Question 3: Have you ever pranked someone? Yes or No

Question 4: If you could be an animated character for a week who would you be?

a.Woody (Toy Story)

b. Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

c.Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

d. Donkey (Shrek)

e. None of the above. 

Result 1: Pie Chart With Data C2 Character Muti Choice   [Info]
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The pie chart shows that more than half of the people surveyed chose to be one of the characters for a day while 38.75% did not want to be one of the Disney characters for a day. The most popular character choice was Donkey (Shrek) at 27.5%, and the least popular was Shifu (Kungfu Panda) at 5% of people surveyed.  

Result 2: Bar Plot With Data on C2 Multi choice character   [Info]
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As you can see, the bar plot shows that the frequency of people who did not want to be a Disney character for a day was higher in those who have pranked someone.


Result 3: Histogram of N1 Hours of fun per week   [Info]
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The responses to the question "How many hours per week do you set aside for fun?" is depicted in the histogram, boxplot and summary statistics below. 

The histogram shows a distribution that is skewed to the right showing the majority surveyed do not set aside any time for fun weekly. 

Result 4: Boxplot of N1 Hours of fun per week   [Info]
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The Boxplot shows just one outlier which was 100 hrs set aside per week for fun. Due to the median being substantially lower at 5 hrs per week, I think the outlier is not plausible and may be exaggerated. 

Result 5: Summary Stats for N1 Hours of fun per week   [Info]

Summary statistics:

ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3

The median will best show center for this right-skewed data.  The median is 5 hours set aside for fun per week. The mean is 7.93.


The data range is 100 and the standard deviation of 13.17. The outlier in this data throws off the standard deviation, and it is not an acceptable measure of center due to the mean being 7.9. 

Result 6: Scatter Plot Scatter Plot N1 Hours of fun per week vs. N2 laugh until cry   [Info]
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It is difficult to interpret the scatter plot due to so many of the results being close to zero.

Result 7: Correlation Correlation between N1 Hours of fun per week and N2 Laugh until cry   [Info]
Correlation between hours/fun/week and laugh/cry/week is:

The correlation coefficient of 0.3 shows that there is not a statistical correlation between hours set aside for fun each week and the number of times someone laughs until they cry. The scatter plot shows that the association between them is strong.



Data set 1. Marissa Fun results   [Info]
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