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Created: Nov 27, 2018
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Phase Two: Flagler College Students and Education
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PHASE TWO: Flagler College Students and Education


On the first phase of this project, opinions on education from 150 MAT 223 students from Flagler College in Fall 2018 were examined. In this phase of the report, the same sample of 150 students will be divided into two smaller samples. The samples are Flagler College students who intend to go on to graduate school and students who have participated in service learning groups. These results will be examined based on the types of grades that students earned, which will be defined by “A Students”, all students who reported receiving A grades, and the term “B/C Students” which refers to those who earned grades of B and below.


Result 1: Pie Chart With Data Displaying the Type of Students   [Info]
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Students surveyed answered many other questions. They reported age, gender, scholarship amounts, graduate school opinions, service learning community involvement, college clubs, GPA, and college education importance. In this report three comparisons will be listed. First, types of students and monthly allowances will be examined. Next, service learning opinions will be looked at. Finally, graduate school intentions will be looked at between A students and B/C students.


Result 2: Allowance by Types of Students   [Info]
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The boxplot above shows the monthly allowances for A students and B/C students. Students within the B/C group showed a much larger spread in their monthly allowance compared to the A student group. Both groups were shown to be rightly skewed and had around the same median of 32.5, although the IQR varied with A students ranging at 150, while B/C students had a range of 250. The A students had an outlier around $1,250 per month and the B/C students had three outliers; $1,000, $1,500, and $2,000. The summary statistics are shown below.


Result 3: Summary Stats Allowance Per Month by Student Grades   [Info]
Summary statistics for Allowance per Month:
Group by: Type of Student
Type of StudentnMinQ1MedianQ3IQR
A Student660032.5150150
B/C Student840032.5200200

Result 4: Service Learning by Types of Students   [Info]
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The data above displays a Bar Plot with the response that either student groups had towards service learning as crucial their career prospects. The result for both groups were in close approximation. With the response for yes for the B/C being 84.5% compared with the 81.8% in the A student group.


Result 5: Types of Students and Graduate School Bar Plot   [Info]
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This data shows that intentions of going to graduate school by the two groups. This data illustrates that the mode in both groups was in response to "Yes", with a higher percentage of B/C students being more in favor of the prospect of going to graduate school. Through contingency table we can draw various associations between the groups in relation with the data as it displays the numerical data for each of the groups.

Result 6: Contingency Table for Student Types and Grad School   [Info]
Contingency table results:
Rows: Type of Student
Columns: Graduate School
A Student214566
B/C Student255984

Chi-Square test:



This report examined A students and B/C students in order to determine if there were any differences in their monthly allowances, intentions to go on to graduate school, and opinions on service learning programs. Ultimately, we found that there was very little difference between student types and these variables. The B/C students had a larger spread for their monthly allowances but even with a larger outlier they still remained relatively similar to the A students. For graduate school and service learning opinions, both groups of students remained similar in their responses. These results were surprising to me as I expected the A students to have more of an inclination for graduate school and service learning programs. We can't draw certain conclussions from this data because students could have self-reported their grades as different from what they actually are.

Data set 1. Flagler College Students and The Importance of an   [Info]
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