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Created: Oct 4, 2018
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Flagler College Students Travel Phase One
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The purpose of this study is to explore the travel tendencies and opinions regarding travel of Flagler College students during the fall semester of 2018. In particular, this report mainly displays the amount of times students have traveled to and from other countries, their personal opinions of traveland if they believe Flagler College should require at least one term studying abroad. 


Phase one of this project looks at the travel habits and opinions of Flagler College students during the fall semester of 2018. One hundred and fifty students were surveyed from MAT 223 Statistics. These results are not necessarily representative of the entire population of Flagler College as only students enrolledin Statistics for this semester answered the survey questions. Bias may exist within sampling as only a small non-random amount of students from the Flagler College population were surveyed. Measurement bias may be present as well as the student self-reported their answers.  



1.   What gender do you identify with? 

2.   How old are you? 

3.   What type of vacations do you prefer 

4.   Do you like to travel? 

5.   How many times have you traveled outside of your native country? 

6.   Approximately how many different countries besides your own have you visited? 

7.   Do you think it is necessary to travel to a different country in order to enhance your tolerance for diversity, or is traveling alone enough? 

8.   Do you think traveling will give you a real-life education that you will not be able to get without traveling? 

9.   Many colleges offer a J-Mester (in January) or May-Mester (in May) which lasts approximately three weeks. The courses offered during the shortened term are not necessarily the traditional courses offered in the academic year. Many of the courses involve travel. If Flagler College offered a shortened term, would you prefer a J-Mester or a May-Mester? 

10. If Flagler College offered a shortened term, do you think all Flagler College students should be required to participate in one term which involves travel? 




The gender of students is displayed in the pie chart below. The majority of the student responses are from females, at 72.67%, which is roughly three times as many males who reported at 27.33%. 


Result 1: Gender of Students   [Info]
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The age of the students surveyed is displayed in the histogram below. The distribution is unimodal and right skewed with three potential outliers at the ages of 35 and 40. Since the distribution is right skewed, the best measure of center is the median of 18 years old and the best measure of spread is the IQR of 1 year. Thus, the typical age of the students surveyed was 18 years old and most students were within 1 year of 18 years old.   


Result 2: Age   [Info]
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Result 11: Summary Stats - Age   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMeanStd. dev.MedianRangeMinMaxIQRMode



The type of vacation preferred by the students surveyed is displayed in the pie chart below. Within the four categories, Variety is the mode, at 55.33%. Beach Trips follow in second place, at 19.33%. Nature is third, with 13.33%. And finally, the City is last, with 12% of students surveyed preferring it. 


Result 3: preferred vacay   [Info]
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Whether or not students enjoy traveling is displayed below in the Bar Graph. 94.7% stated that they enjoy traveling while 5.3% do not. The majority of students do enjoy traveling. 


Result 4: Do you like traveling   [Info]
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The number of times traveled outside your country aside from your own is assessed in the histogram below. The data is skewed to the right leaving the median to be the best measure of center and the IQR as the best measures of spread. The mode is 0 which means the majority of students have not traveled outside of their native countries. A potential outlier may be at 50 times, but it is necessary to the data set as it is likely a student has traveled that many times.  


Result 5: Times Traveled Outside of Native Country   [Info]
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Result 12: Summary Stats for Times Outside Country   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMeanMedianModeStd. dev.RangeIQRMinMax
How many times travel outside Country1506.3866667209.491633508050



The number of countries students have traveled to is displayed in the histogram below. The data is right-skewed as the mode is between 0 and 2.5 for countries traveled to. The median is 2 which is the best measure of center as it lies within the mode. The IQR is 5 and is the best measure of spread.  


Result 6: Histogram - Number of Countries Traveled To   [Info]
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Result 13: Different Countries   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMeanStd. dev.MedianRangeMinMaxIQR
Different Countries1503.85333335.03196052280285


Below is a pie chart displaying whether students think it is necessary to travel to a different country in order toenhance your tolerance for diversity, or if traveling alone enough. The majority of students responded that a different country is necessary at 73.33%, which is roughly three times the number of students who responded that travel alone is enough at 26.67%.  


Result 7: diverse ity   [Info]
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Shown in a pie chart below is whether students think that traveling will give you a real-life education that you will not be able to get without traveling. The vast majority of students, 97.33%, responded yes, traveling will give you a real-life education and only 2.67% of students responded no.  


Result 8: Real Life Education   [Info]
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Displayed in a pie chart below is whether students would prefer a J-Mester or May-Mester if Flagler College offered a shortened term. The results were roughly half and half with 54% of students saying they would prefer a May-Mester and 46% of students saying that they would prefer a J-Mester. The majority of students would prefer a May-Mester.  


Result 9: J-Mester vs. May-Mester   [Info]
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Displayed in the pie chart below is whether or not students believe traveling should be required at Flagler College. The results were nearly divided in half, with 56% answering yes and 44% answering no. The majority of students surveyed believe Flagler College should require students to participate in at least one term involving travel. 


Result 10: Should Travel Be Required   [Info]
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Data set 1. Flagler College Students and Travel - Nuckles, Spe   [Info]
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