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Created: Jul 30, 2018
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PHASE TWO: FC Student Views on Firearms
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PHASE TWO: FC Student Views on Firearms


Introduction: Phase one of this project explored the variety of views of climate change from 150 Flagler College students, between Fall of 2017 and Spring 2018. In this second phase, the same sample of Flagler College students will be divided into two smaller samples. The two samples being compared are Flagler College students who live in a rural area and Flagler College students who live in an urban area. Rural students will be used to refer to the student who do live in a rural area, while Urban students will be used to refer to those who live in urban areas. Approximately 64 students consist of students living in rural area, while exactly 86 students make up students living in the urban area.


The students surveyed in this report answered several questions regarding firearms. These include student’s familiarity with firearms, experiences using firearms, and their opinions towards firearms, since this is such a hot topic now in the news. Three comparisons will be concluded at the end of this report. First set of data is a comparison between family members owning firearm(s) items between rural and urban living students. The next set of data the familiarity of owning a firearm in the household located either in a rural or urban area. The last set of data represents students who carry concealed weapons on campus compared between Urban and Rural students.


Comparison #1: Experience with Family Owning Firearms


The following data in this stacked boxplot and summary statistic which represents the Rural and Urban Students who have experience with having family owning firearms in the past. While creating this set of data, I noticed that there were approximately who had owned close to 30 firearms in the family. While this data is possible, I decide to remove the possible outline of 30 as it was much higher than the rest of the students, keeping the newest possible outline at 20.


Overall, the Rural Students have more experience of owning a firearm item, while those compared to the Urban Students. Several of the Urban Students have only owned approximately two or less firearms in the family household, while most the Rural Students owned approximately ten or less firearms in the family household. This data is completely accurate, while the rural areas are more in no means way from freely shooting, practicing, and possibly even hunting season. As opposed to the urban students are less likely to own a firearm since they live in a bigger, concentrated area of people. Hunting is something that might not be on their minds.  


Result 1: Boxplot – Experiences with Family Owning Firearm(s) between Urban & Rural Students


Result 1: Boxplot (1.7)   [Info]
Right click to copy


Result 2: Summary Stats - Experiences with Family Owning Firearm(s) between Urban & Rural Students




Result 2: Summary Stats (For Owning Firearms)   [Info]
Summary statistics for Family Owning Firearm(s):
Group by: Rural vs. Urban
Rural vs. UrbannMinQ1MedianQ3MaxIQR


Comparison #2: Familiarity with Firearms


The following split bar plot represents that Urban and Rural Students does differ in their knowledge and familiarity among firearms in separate parts of our country. Naturally, the Urban Students have higher numbers compared to the Rural Students, but, overall, they are constant in numbers. Between approximately 22% and 29% of students reported with that they are “somewhat” familiar with firearms. What is so interesting in this data is that nearly half of Rural Students have no exposure to firearms compared to Urban Students.


Result 2: Bar Plot with Data - Familiarity with Firearms




Result 3: Bar Plot With Data (1.5)   [Info]
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Comparison #3: Campus Safety of Carrying a Concealed Firearm


The following contingency table compares the response of students who believe that students based upon where they grew up either in rural or urban areas, feel safe having someone or know who is qualified with the correct credentials who is able to carry a concealed firearm weapon on campus. Overall, 105 of the 150 students believe that they do not feel safe on campus knowing someone is carrying a concealed firearm. The remaining 45 out of 150 students believe that they do feel safe on campus knowing that someone is carrying a concealed firearm on campus. For example, about 86% of urban students state that they do not think that should be allowed here on Flagler’s campus, while about 64% believe that rural students think the opposite. Thinking that they do feel safe with proper qualifications to carry a concealed firearm weapon. It is just a 22% difference between 86% and 64%, its just startling to me to think that about more than half could go either way.


Result 4: Contingency table (with data) – Concealed Weapons on Campus (with proper qualifications)




Result 4: Contingency table (with data) [1.6]   [Info]
Contingency table results:
Rows: Carrying a Firearm
Columns: Rural vs. Urban

Chi-Square test:




In this comparison of the hot topic of firearms, students who either grew up in rural areas or urban areas do show some interest and differences amongst the data. The data shows that students who grew up in rural areas have higher numbers of experience of owning a firearm than those who grew up in a urban area. Hence, the hunting season, a lesser population than the students who live in a dense and higher population and unable to get out to the country-side.  This also is similar with the next set of data, leaving the familiarity of firearm numbers in rural students higher than of course those living in urban areas. It matters where you grew up and your life experiences thus far, especially in this debatable topic of firearms at schools, colleges, and universities.


Data set 1. FC Student Views on Firearms - Puckett   [Info]
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