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Created: May 14, 2018
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Pet Ownership and GPA
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Result 1: Bar Plot With Data   [Info]
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Based on our observed bar graph, it appears that more students overall responded "yes" to owning at least one or more pets. The highest response rate is within the "yes" and "4.1 or greater" category, with the lowest being within the "no" and "0 to 3.0" category. 


Result 2: Pie Chart With Data !   [Info]
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Out of 94 total responses, 74 reported that they owned a pet while the remaining 20 did not. Since there was a larger sample size of students who owned a pet (78.75 owned), this created more variety for that variable. We also found that there were more female responses that answered "yes" to owning a pet than there were male responses, and female surveyors had more "4.1 or greater" responses.


Result 3: Contingency table (with data)   [Info]
Contingency table results:
Rows: GPA
Columns: Pet
0 to 3.0268
3.1 to 4.0103040
4.1 or above83846

Chi-Square test:



 Ho: There is no association between GPA and pet ownership.

 Ha: There IS an association between GPA and pet ownership.



 - Random sample ✔

 - Expecteds are >5 ✔



With a p-value of .6664 greater than alpha (.05), we fail to reject Ho. We found that there is no association between GPA and pet ownership.


After thoroughly analyzing our collected data, we concluded that there is no association between cumulative GPA and whether or not a person owns a pet. By using a chi-squared 2-way test for independence, we were given a p-value of .6664 > alpha; therefore, the probability of confirming our null hypothesis was extremely high.

We attempted to minimize the possibility of partiality through cluster sampling, however, our feedback was predictably skewed by response bias. Many more females responded than males, and the likelihood of students incorrectly filling out the survey is fairly high. Furthermore, our data could have been offset by the fact that although many households have pets, they are not solely under the care of students, often being assisted by parents or siblings. All variables accounted for, it is highly unlikely that GPA is correlated or associated with pet ownership.

Data set 1. Pet Ownership and GPA   [Info]
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