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Created: Jul 3, 2017
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Francisco Rapalo Group 2 Confidence Interval Report
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Francisco Rapalo


As people further their education, one thought that is always in people’s minds is when is the right time to go back to school? At what point should someone no longer be content with their salary, responsibility or just their contribution to society? The survey that was done showed how many years in the nursing field someone had before they decided to go back to school. This was to test the hypothesis that new graduate nurses were more likely to be content with their new salaries and not wish to further their education and those who had many years in the nursing field would want to further their education so they could use the skills they have earned through their many years of experience in higher levels of nursing and to be compensated for their experience. The population for this sample was from people in the nursing field. Their was those who were new graduates and some who had over 20 years of experience. The data for this experiment was obtained through surveys. The four questions asked were, what is the highest level of education in the nursing field you have obtained, are you planning on continuing your education in the nursing field, how many years have you been in the nursing field and what is your age in years? These questions were printed out on sheets of survey paper and handed to the participants. These participants filled out these surveys and returned them to the members of this research group.



            One of the most important questions for this survey was, Are you planning on continuing your education in the nursing field? The survey participants were given two choices, yes or no, and they were asked to circle their choice. Below is a pie chart of the data that was collected.


Result 1: Are You Planning On Continuing Your Education in the Nursing Field?   [Info]
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 58/132 equates as a decimal to .4349. This is a point estimate. This helps to approximate the population parameter. But, with a confidence interval we can see how good our point estimate is. By using a 95% confidence interval,  it is being shown that this researcher is 95% confident  that the interval  of 0.35472638 to 0.5240615 contains the value of the population proportion. It is with 95% confidence that calculating a confidence interval with any sample of the 132 population will contain the true value of p. As we can see our point estimate does fall between our 95% confidence interval. 

Result 2: Confidence Interval of Proportion of Population   [Info]
One sample proportion confidence interval:
p : Proportion of successes
Method: Standard-Wald

95% confidence interval results:
ProportionCountTotalSample Prop.Std. Err.L. LimitU. Limit


Another key question in this survey was, what is your age in years? The survey participant given a blank line and was allowed to fill in their unique value to this question. They were also given privacy as to not feel compelled to lie about this number. Below is a histogram and summary of statistics for this data.

Result 3: Summary Stats   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3

Result 4: Histogram   [Info]
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 A 95% confidence interval was done for the population mean using the data from the question, what is your age in years? The confidence interval was found to be [36.953829, 40.788595] . Again this would show that their is a 95% confidence that a confidence interval of samples of the 132 population would fall between 36.953829 and 40.788595. For this calculation a z-interval was used. This was due to the fact that the standard deviation was known.

Result 5: Z Interval for 95% Confidence Interval of Population Mean   [Info]
One sample Z confidence interval:
μ : Mean of population
Standard deviation = 11.239519

95% confidence interval results:
MeannSample MeanStd. Err.L. LimitU. Limit


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