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Created: Feb 1, 2017
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Garcia Zamora, Armando, Lab 3
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1. Tell which graph for Homework you found the most useful. Why? Address each graph and indicate what you found useful or lacking in each one.


The graph that I find the most useful is the histogram because it's easy to read and provides a lot of information. The stem and leaf plot is inaccurate because it's rounded down. The dot plot provides little information. The box plot has a lot of infomation but difficult to read.


2. What is the shape of the histogram? Is the shape something you expected (or would expect) for Homework grades, why or why not? Do you think every college class has this same type of distribution? Why or why not?


The shape of the histogram is skewed left. I think it's something that I would expect out of a college class because they should at least put some effort into their Homework since they're paying tuition. No because every class is different depending on the difficulty of the Homework assignments.


3. Using the side-by-side boxplots for grades, describe the shape of the distribution for the Lab scores. Are there any outliers for either set of scores? If so, indicate the score(s) of the outlier(s) for each. Using the IQR, which set of scores has more dispersion? Explain why you think that might be?


The outlier for the Homework scores is 52.33. The outliers for Lab scores are 0, 66.67, 73.3, and 76.67. The Homework scores has a dispersion of 16.7, and the lab scores has a dispersion of 6.67. The Homework scores has more dipersion than the Lab Scores. I think it's that way because we have done more Homework assignments and only two Labs.


4. Lastly, calculate your z-score for the homework. You may use your current average homework score, as currently listed in MyStatLab. Type the full calculation, with the values you used, for full credit. Any answer without work shown will receive partial credit, at best.


z-score for my Homework = (99.94-88.225789)/11.219385 = 1.044104557

The z-score for my Homework is approximately 1.04.

5. Refer to z-score calculated in #4: What does your z-score mean? Are you satisfied with your z-score? Why or why not?


The z-scores represents the distance from the mean in terms of standard deviation. Yes because I feel like I've done my best on doing all the Homework.


Result 1: Garcia Zamora, Armando, Lab 3   [Info]
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Result 2: Garcia Zamora, Armando, Lab 3 Stem and Leaf Plot   [Info]
Variable: Homework

Decimal point is 1 digit(s) to the right of the colon.
Leaf unit = 1
 5 : 2
 5 : 
 6 : 
 6 : 6
 7 : 12
 7 : 6789
 8 : 01111
 8 : 58
 9 : 011112334
 9 : 567778999
10 : 00000

Result 3: Garcia Zamora, Armando, Lab 3 Dotplot   [Info]
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Result 4: Garcia Zamora, Armando, Lab 3 Boxplot   [Info]
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Result 5: Garcia Zamora, Armando, Lab 3 Summary Stats   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMinQ1MedianQ3MaxIQRMeanStd. dev.

HTML link:
<A href="">Garcia Zamora, Armando, Lab 3</A>

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By pignottia
Apr 30, 2017

100%. Graded.

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