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Created: Feb 10, 2017
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New Year's Weight Loss Phenomenon
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My group and I designed a survey to learn about weight loss and desire to get fit either for themselves or as recommended by a HealthCare Provider.    The population sampled was of American Adults.  The results obtained were convenience sample with voluntary responses using social media (facebook) and printed surveys  in office settings.   The persons made of the sample were persons know via social media or those worked with in an office setting.  

Our Survey asked the following questions: 

1.  What is your persoal goal weight loss that would make you happy?

2.  What is your current weight?

3.  Has a Health Care Provider  recommended to you the need t lose weight to control an actual or potential medical problem?  Yes/No?

4.  How Motivated are you reach your New Year's Weight loss?   Choose one of the following:

(5) Very motivated

(4) Motivated

(3) Somewhat Motivated

(2) Unmotivated

(0-1) Very Unmotivated

This report was collected using Statcrunch and focuses on New Year's Weight Loss survey regarding weight loss.


Most Respondants were not recommended by a Provider to loose weight.   

Result 1: Pie Chart With Provider recommended weight loss   [Info]
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Most respondants above the No axis were not recommended by a provider to loose weight, although were Very Motivated (5) to loose weight.  Compared to the Yes axis, those recommened to loose weight by a Provider were either Very motivated (5) or (4) somewhat motivated.  

Result 2: Bar Plot With Provider recommended wgt loss/motivation   [Info]
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Result 3: Histogram of current response weight   [Info]
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Result 3

Histogram of current Response Weight.  The histogram shows a normal distibution of data with the most current weight at approximetly 200 pounds.  The modal class of the histogram is 170 pounds. 

The normal distibution of data is best identified by the median value of 178 pounds which is close to the mean value of 175.74.   Given this information, the standard deviation of 33.28 pounds identifes variation amongst data.  The midrage (288+188/2 =199pounds)  of 199 pounds is higher than the mode and mean of the value sets, although our histogram shapes unimodal and normal distibution.  

The range  (288-188/4) 25 pounds is not apporiate for the data values.    Given a standard devation of 33.25 pounds, there is an 8 pound difference.   The range rule of thumb shows a distance in values of these numbers.  

The box plot shows an outlier above 250 pounds.    According to the data, min. 118, max 280, q1 147, q3 200, the one outlier above 250 pounds effects the distibutionof data slightly although is consistant with  mean and median weight from 170 to 200 pounds.

Result 8: Summary Stats Mode   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Response_idNo unique
goal weight165
current weight170

Result 4: Boxplot of current weight   [Info]
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Result 5: Summary Stats current weight   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3
current weight61175.74591107.838533.2842084.2616062178162118280147200

Result 6: Scatter Plot goal weight / current weight   [Info]
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Looking for a Relationship Between Two Numerical Variables:

The Scatter plot shows  positive trend in current weight and goal weight.   With an outlier above 250 punds, the effect has some effect correlation coeffeicent.

The correlation is 0.647 of current weight and goal weight.   Since the absolute r is .254 with N=60  (table A-5) there is a statistacal signficance.  This is reflected in the scatter plot diagram.  


Result 7: Correlation current weight and goal weight   [Info]
Correlation between current weight and goal weight is:



HTML link:
<A href="">New Year's Weight Loss Phenomenon </A>

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By deckermarybeth
Feb 10, 2017

My survey results

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