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Color Schemes in StatCrunch
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By adding/changing color scheme options under the Graphics menu, one can control the way that StatCrunch accesses colors when producing graphics. A color scheme is defined by an ordered sequence of colors that are accessed in succession when StatCrunch produces a graphic. One color from the sequence is defined as the background for the graphic, and one color is defined as the foreground which is the default color of axes and other standard graphic elements. In a graphic that uses multiple colors, the background and foreground colors are not included as StatCrunch cycles through the list. The default color scheme consists of the sequence: white, black, blue, red, green, orange, purple, cyan and yellow with black being the foreground and white being the background.

StatCrunch also offers two color schemes which consist of a gradient of colors between two primary colors: Grayscale (white to black) and Red to Blue. These scale color schemes may be most useful when grouping by a binned numerical column. The number of colors in the sequence for a scale color scheme depends on the number of colors needed in a particular situation. If 28 colors are required, then StatCrunch defines a sequence of 28 colors between the two primary colors. The background and foreground for these color schemes are white and black, respectively, and these definitions may not be changed.

StatCrunch allows users to edit existing color schemes and add new color schemes. One may do this by clicking on the Color Schemes link under the Graphics menu. To edit an existing color scheme, select the color scheme from the list of defined color schemes and click the OK button. To add a new color scheme, select the Add a new color scheme option and then specify a name for the color scheme. To construct a scale color scheme, select the Use scale option.

Result 1: Snapshot of Color Schemes Dialog   [Info]
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If the selected color scheme is not a scale color scheme, a new dialog screen will appear where one can change the background and foreground colors for the color scheme as well as the definition of the colors in the list. The RGB attributes of an existing color as well as its position in the sequence are displayed when the color is selected from the color list. These properties may be changed by clicking the Update button. RGB values must be integers in the range from 0 to 255. For more information on RGB values, click here. New colors may also be added to the list by clicking the Add button after specifying a name for the color, its RGB attributes, and its position in the sequence. A selected color may be removed from the list by clicking the Remove button.

Result 2: Snapshot of Color Scheme Dialog   [Info]
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If the selected color scheme is a scale color scheme, a new dialog screen will appear that allows one to specify the RGB values for the starting and ending colors for the color sequence. Check out the Color coding maps US states report for an example of a scale color scheme.

Result 3: Snapshot of Scale Color Scheme Dialog   [Info]
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A color scheme can be specified in the last dialog panel for each graphic procedure as shown below for the histogram dialog.

Result 4: Snapshot of Histogram Dialog   [Info]
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Two examples of StatCrunch color schemes are shown below. The first example shows a histogram used with a grouping variable. The individual bars in the histogram are color coded using the Default color scheme. The second example shows a map color coded using the Many shades color scheme.

Result 5: Histogram of age grouped by candidate choice   [Info]
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Result 6: Annual Beer Consumption Per State Per Capita   [Info]
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