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Created: May 11, 2016
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Ethnicity vs. AP Classes
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Comparison of the Data: 

For our project we wanted to investigate ethinicity vs. honors courses. We collected our data and we found that hispanics and caucasions have the greatest medians at 3 honors courses. Asians and whites have the second largest medians at 2 honors courses. Blacks, mexicans, and others have the smallest medians at only 1 honor course. As shown in the summary stats, whites and asians have the biggest IQR at 3 and hispanics, mexicans, and other ethnicities have the smallest IQR at 1. The data sets for others, whites, asians, hispanics, and caucasians are approximately symmetrical with others having an outlier at 4 and hispanics having an outlier at 5. The data sets for mexicans and blacks are approximately symmetrical with mexicans having an outlier at 3. As you can see in the box plots whites, asians, and caucasians have the biggest spread and mexicans have the smallest spread.

2 mean t-test:

Ho: μ   hispanics = μ black

Ha: μ hispanics > μ black



2 independent groups

27 is big, x 's ~ normal

Math Box: 

t= 2.74720


df= 12.0194


With a p-value of .00883 < alpha (.05). We reject Ho. We found significant evidence that the true mean of hispanics taking honors courses is more than the true mean of blacks taking honors courses. 

Grand Conclusion:

In conclusion, we collected our data for this survey by randomly asking RCHS seniors in both prep and honors courses their ethnicity and the number of honors courses they take this year. We surveryed a small sample size of 27 hispanics and black seniors which gives us less power to detect differences. To avoid a bias we asked seniors from both prep and honors couses because if we only asked seniors from honors courses then they most likely take more honors course than those in prep. We concluded from our data collected that hispanics on average take more honors courses than other ethnicites based on our population of RCHS seniors. 

 Sevanah Charles, Ayana Robles, Kylie Miller



Result 1: Summary Stats for Data   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3SumIQR

Result 2: Boxplot for Data   [Info]
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