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Created: Oct 9, 2008
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Car Weight vs. MPG
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The scatterplot of car's weight vs. their MPG appears to form a linear shape, it is strong, and there are not apparent outliers on the graph. It also appears to have a negative association. Since the correlation (r) equals -.9054, this proves that it is strongly negative. This indicates that the lighter the car is, the higher or better, gas mileage it gets. So, the heavier the car, the worse the gas mileage it is. For example, a car that weighed around two thousand pounds had a MPG of around thirty-one or thirty-two. On the other hand a car that weighed closer to four thousand pounds, the MPG was around fifteen, which is considerably worse than the lighter car.

Result 1: Simple Linear Regression - car' weight vs. MPG   [Info]
Simple linear regression results:
Dependent Variable: MPG
Independent Variable: Weight
MPG = 48.8024 - 8.367461 Weight
Sample size: 37
R (correlation coefficient) = -0.9054
R-sq = 0.8196811
Estimate of error standard deviation: 2.7817576
Parameter estimates:
Parameter Estimate Std. Err. DF T-Stat P-Value
Intercept 48.8024 1.9698044 35 24.775251 <0.0001
Slope -8.367461 0.66337305 35 -12.613508 <0.0001

Analysis of variance table for regression model:
Source DF SS MS F-stat P-value
Model 1 1231.1482 1231.1482 159.10059 <0.0001
Error 35 270.83612 7.738175
Total 36 1501.9844

Result 2: Scatter Plot- weight vs. MPG   [Info]
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HTML link:
<A href="">Car Weight vs. MPG</A>

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By cgapstat
Oct 14, 2008


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