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Owner: ehkouba
Created: Apr 28, 2015
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College Degree Value Report
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I chose the data set “is college worth it’. I found the survey on stat crunch, and thought it would be interesting because as a college student and having to weigh the benefits of paying a lot of money for a degree in a career that potentially will not make me a very big salary (social work) I wanted to see if other people who had gone through undergrad were thankful they made the sacrifice of paying tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for a career that will (hopefully) make them happy and meet their needs.  I was also interested in seeing if there was any correlation in the results between age and gender, and how it affected whether or not they thought their college degree was worth it.



I decided that a bar graph would be a good way to show the results of the survey. To accurately depict the affects age and gender had the responses, I chose to do two bar graphs. What I found was that there was not enough of a difference in the replies based on gender to assume that being male or female made any impact on how individuals viewed the worth of their college degree. On the other hand, there was a lot of variation in responses based on age. People who were just starting undergrad or had not started yet showed more variability in their answers given that they had not lived to see the result of their investment. People from 20 to 40 showed a huge spike in saying they felt their degree was worth it, given that they were in the age group that lives in a society that demands a college degree and they have gotten to see its result. The group who placed the least value in a college education were adult’s ages 60-100, and I am assuming that is because they lived in a society that did not require a college degree for a steady job. 

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By websterwest
May 3, 2015

Nice analysis.

Always Learning