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Created: Dec 7, 2014
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Ghosts Report
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Ghosts, Real? or not?
  1. Edit - Delete
    Are you 18 years of age or older and a citizen of the United States? 
  2. Edit - Delete
    What is the Highest Level of education you have completed? 
    Choose one  Some High school but no diploma  GED/High school Diploma  Some college but no degree  Associate Degree  Bachelors degree  Masters degree  Doctoral Degree  
  3. Edit - Delete
    Has your household or family ever lost a loved one? (has a family member or someone you cared about passed away?) 
  4. Edit - Delete
    Do you believe in ghosts? 
      I'm not sure 
  5. Edit - Delete
    Do you know someone who believes in ghosts? 
  6. Edit - Delete
    Do you believe that scientific evidence will come out to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts in your life time? 


309664YesSome college but no degreeYesI'm not sureYesNo

309668YesAssociate DegreeYesYesYesNo

309670YesAssociate DegreeYesI'm not sureYesNo

309680YesSome college but no degreeYesYesYesNo

309683YesSome college but no degreeYesYesYesYes

309703YesBachelors degreeYesNoYesYes

309712YesSome college but no degreeYesNoNoNo

309723YesSome college but no degreeNoI'm not sureYesYes

309726YesBachelors degreeYesYesYesYes

309808YesAssociate DegreeYesNoNoNo

309839YesSome college but no degreeYesYesYesYes

309855YesSome college but no degreeYesI'm not sureYesYes

309859YesAssociate DegreeYesNoYesNo

309888YesSome college but no degreeYesI'm not sureYesYes

309897YesSome college but no degreeNoI'm not sureNoNo

309907YesSome High school but no diplomaYesYesYesYes

309911YesSome college but no degreeYesYesYesNo

309913Yes""YesI'm not sureYesNo

309914YesMasters degreeYesI'm not sureYesYes

309915YesAssociate DegreeYesYesYesYes

309916YesAssociate DegreeYesNoYesNo

309917YesBachelors degreeNoYesYesYes

309918YesBachelors degreeYesYesYesYes

309919YesBachelors degreeYesNoYesNo

309920YesAssociate DegreeYesI'm not sureNoNo

309921YesAssociate DegreeYesYesYesYes

309956YesSome college but no degreeYesNoYesNo


310315YesSome college but no degreeYesYesYesYes

310316YesAssociate DegreeYesI'm not sureYesYes

 The First graph shows that for Q1 everyone is an Adult and a U.S. citizen.

For Q2 The frequency table shows the different level of education everyone had who took my survey. The most being some college but no degree, and the least being a masters degree or no highs school diploma.

 Figure 3 compares Q3 and Q4 to see if there is any relation in losing a loved one, and believe in ghosts. My findings were that most people have lost a loved one and it actually has no effect on ones opinion on ghosts. I orignally thought that someone who lost a loved one would believe in ghosts.


Figure 4 shows the pie chart of Q4. The majority of people who took my survey believe in ghosts the second most was people who were not sure.


Figure 5 is for Q5 and that shows that even if they do not believe in ghosts, they know someone who has. The majority one in a landslide. 


Figure 6 shows the belief of science helping to prove or disprove ghosts in our life time.  It was a close one, almost a split down the middle but 16 out of 30 do believe they will prove or disprove ghosts in our lifetime. 



1. The type of sampling i did in this senario was Convenience sampling. I posted a status on facebook and had the link attached. I also send an email out to the students in the class room.

Ghosts, Real? or not?

2. A.  Is catagorial and nominal
2. B  The Highest level of education is a catagorial question and is discrete. It is also Ordinal.
2. C.  Asking if they have ever lost a loved one is Catagorial. They either have or have not. It is also Nominal
2. D. Asking them if they believe in ghosts is catagorial. It is also Nominal
2. E. Asking if they know someone who believes in ghosts is catagorial. This question was also Nominal.
2. F.  Do you believe that scientific evidence will come out to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts in your life time is catagorial. This is also nominal.

3. 43% of the people who took the survey believe in ghosts.

4 . 
a. State your claim
My claim is that at least 40% of adults who are U.S. citizens believe in ghosts.
b. State your null and alternative hypotheses
Less than 40% of adults and U.S. citizens believe in ghosts.
At least 40% of adults who are U.S. citizens do not believe in ghosts.
c. Determine whether you need to do a right-tailed, left-tailed, or two-tailed test.   I need to use a Right-tailed test.
d. State your sample statistics
13/30 or 43 percent believe in ghosts who are adults and U.S. citizens.
e. Discuss whether you will need to use the normal or t-distribution
I will need to use a normal distribution.
f. Calculate your test statistic
Using a Right Tail the Z score is -.17.
g. Determine whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis
I reject the Null Hypothesis because 43% believe in ghosts confirming my hypothesis.
h. State your conclusion about the test in the context of your claim.

My claim was backed by my findings. 43% believe in ghosts.


I picked a survey that i was interested in and asked my friends on facebook to help me out. I also sent an email to the class for help getting up to 30 people as well. I had to cut out a friend of mine who was not a U.S. citizen but who took the survey for me. I think the biggest issue i had was trying to figure out how to use the stat crunch website. I gathered the data but putting it into the website via graphs and other  tables was harder than I thought it would be.

I ended up gettin g mixed results. I did believe that at least 40% of adult U.S. citizens believe in ghosts. I also thought that if they have lost a loved one though, it would increase the chances of them to believe in ghosts, which was not the clear case. If i had to start over and had the chance to redo this survey I would have included a religious question to see who believes in life after death in a religious sense and compare that to the belief in ghosts. 


Result 1: Adult and U.S. citizen   [Info]
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Result 2: Frequency Table   [Info]
Frequency table results for Q2:
Count = 28
Q2FrequencyRelative Frequency
Associate Degree90.32142857
Bachelors degree50.17857143
Masters degree10.035714286
Some High school but no diploma10.035714286
Some college but no degree120.42857143

Result 3: Bar Plot With Data relating family loss to belief in ghosts   [Info]
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Result 4: Do you believe in ghosts?   [Info]
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Result 5: Know somebody who believes in ghosts   [Info]
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Result 6: Pie Chart With Data   [Info]
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Data set 1. Responses to Ghosts, Real? or not? 2   [Info]
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