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Created: Oct 12, 2014
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Marvel Vs DC - Box Office
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Spiderman or Batman? Black Widow or Wonder Woman? Marvel or DC? Which is the better company - the company that YOU want to work with because they get the big bucks for their movies! Let's find out. 

Result 1: Marvel vs DC - Company & Worldwide Boxplot   [Info]
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Result 2: Marvel vs DC - Summary Stats (Company & Worldwide)   [Info]
Summary statistics for Worldwide:
Group by: Company
Company n Mean Variance Std. dev. Std. err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
DC 26 245.67977 82651.405 287.49157 56.381736 182.26209 1084.2463 0.192816 1084.4391 29.379723 336.52914
Marvel 37 409.86694 126262.31 355.33408 58.416562 330.57972 1518.5847 0.010173 1518.5949 131.18353 644.78314

For the worldwide box office grosses, Marvel has more spread and higher center than DC. Marvel’s center is at 330.58k, while DC’s center is at 182.26k. DC’s IQR is 307.15k and Marvel’s is 513.6k. There are two outliers in DC, and one for Marvel. Avengers is an outlier for Marvel with a worldwide gross of 1518.6k. DC has two outliers of Dark Knight with 1004.558k and The Dark Knight Rises with 1084.44k. Additonally, both companies are very skewed right, due to the mean being way larger than the median.

Based on these statistics, there is an association between movie company and worldwide box office gross. Both are dependent variables of each other. A movie that is under the Marvel company would be more likely to have a higher worldwide gross than a movie under DC. 

Result 3: Histogram - Com & Foreign   [Info]
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Result 4: Histogram - Comp & Domestic   [Info]
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DC’s range of profit is always lower than that of Marvel’s in the domestic, foreign, and worldwide categories. However, DC makes more profit in foreign countries than domestically in the United States.  The median foreign gross for DC is 23.557k higher than in domestic gross. Same goes for Marvel with a difference of 18.584k higher in foreign. Thus, DC has a larger median profit gap between domestic and foreign than Marvel.  A movie in the DC company is more popular in foreign countries than in domestically. Although, there could be factors influencing this such as advertisement. 

Result 5: Pie Chart With Summary (Worldwide)   [Info]
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Additionally, 40.77% of movies from both DC and Marvel make 0 to 500k worldwide. 36.85% make 500-1000k, 15.33% make 1000-1500k, and only 7.05% make 1500 to 2000k. The listed movies only had less than 25% chance of making more than 1000k. As the expected worldwide gross profit increases, the chance to actually make bank decreases. 

Result 6: Pie Chart (Company & Release Date)   [Info]
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In this data set, there are a total of 37 Marvel movies and only 27 DC movies which could also contribute to the disadvantages DC has in comparison to Marvel. Marvel has made 10 more movies than DC, and many of these new movies have been released in the recent 2010's. Approximately 1/4 of DC movies were released from 1980 to 2000 while approximately only 1/8 of Marvel movies were released from 1980-2000. Marvel hasn't even started releasing movies prior to 1980, while DC has released two movies prior to the year.

With Marvel's new movie effects and increasing advertisement in the 2010s, more people are being impressed and intrigued. Thus, they would want to watch and spend money on these recent Marvel movies more than older DC movies. 

Let's all just Marvel at who's the real winner. 

Data set 1. Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office   [Info]
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Lauren Y. Period 4 

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