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Created: Oct 5, 2014
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MODULE 3 Assignment Survey results Group 1
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I. Introduction

I was part of group 1, and we created a survey to find out information about people and their habits in regards to texting and driving.  In our survey, we wanted to see if people were texting while driving, if there accidents related to it, and what age group and which gender was more involved in it.  We were curious about  how often drivers texted daily and the quantity of texts while driving.  Each group member gathered there own information by a variety of different methods: phone calls, text messages, emails, questionnaires, face-to-face, and even a couple of video calls. We used voluntary responses, by asking our families, our friends and aquaintances, and our co-workers.

These were the survey questions:

1.  Are you male or female?

2.  What is your age?

3.  How often do you text while driving in a 24-hour period?
     a.  0 times
     b.  1-5 times
     c.  6-10 times
     d.  >10 times

4.  How many accidents have you had while texting and driving? 

II. Looking at a Categorical Variable

     My pie chart divides up the respondents ages.


III. Looking at Numerical Variable

       My histogram shows the number of male drivers and which age group has had accidents while texting and         driving and my boxplot shows the comparisons of the ages of the drivers and the amount of texting done           while driving, and the male group has the outlier with the eldest driver being a male, who was one of the           males who had an accident while texting and driving.and the youngest outlier was a female.

      The summary of the statistics was interesting, out of 155 respondents, the mean age was 38. I would have       thought it would have been a younger set of responders, more eager to answer. I am not sure if it's related       to the age group of the surveyors itself.  The percentage of women respondants was 69.03% and the men         respondants was 30.97%.

IV. Looking for a Relationshibetween TwNumerical Variables
     The group's suvey results showed that it's the people between the ages of 20-40 who are doing most of the      texting while driving, and it's mostly the female gender that's texting, and getting into accidents while doing      so. The stem and leaf plot just corrobates the histogram information on the age group.



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