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Created: Oct 9, 2014
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NFL Fastest Players by Position
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Stats Crunch Project By Dane Nielson

I did my project on the fastest players in the NFL. I graphed them by there position, league and 40-yard dash time.

Data set 1. NFL Speed   [Info]
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In the box plot I made, I compared there position with there 40-yard dash. I was able to see the spread, centers, and outliers in my data.

Result 2: Box PLot Speed   [Info]
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I found that Wide Recievers have the have the most spread and Running Backs are skewed left. The defensive end have the highest center which means they have the slows players.

I did the Summary stats for the box plot.

Result 1: Summary Stats box plot Speed   [Info]
Summary statistics for 40 SPEED:
Group by: POS
POS n Mean Variance Std. dev. Std. err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
CB 30 4.484 0.0036937931 0.060776584 0.011096235 4.49 0.22 4.37 4.59 4.45 4.52
DE 2 4.555 0.00125 0.035355339 0.025 4.555 0.05 4.53 4.58 4.53 4.58
OLB 4 4.525 0.0021666667 0.046547467 0.023273733 4.515 0.11 4.48 4.59 4.495 4.555
RB 20 4.492 0.0054063158 0.073527653 0.016441283 4.495 0.32 4.26 4.58 4.47 4.55
S 10 4.521 0.0027655556 0.05258855 0.01662996 4.525 0.16 4.42 4.58 4.49 4.57
TE 1 4.5 NaN NaN NaN 4.5 0 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
WR 33 4.4769697 0.0038155303 0.061769979 0.010752773 4.48 0.25 4.33 4.58 4.43 4.52

This showed me that corner backs had the lowest mean which told me that they are usually the fastest players. It also showed me that Running Backs have the highest Standard Deviation which is 0.073 and the highest range which is 0.32. This told me that running backs have that biggest spread. This means they have they have a big range of really fast players and slower players. 

I made a Dot Plot to see the clusters and gaps in the data.

Result 3: Dotplot   [Info]
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In the Dot Plot, I saw that there is a lot of Corner Backs that run the 40-yard dash in 4.5. The Running Backs have a big gap from 4.25 to 4.4. The wide recievers have a pretty symetric graph and safetys are evenly sepreaded. 

I also compared the top 40-yard dash players to the league they are in, The American Football Conference (AFC) and The National Football Conference.

Result 4: Box Plot for Speed to League   [Info]
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This graph helped me compare the difference between the two leagues. AFC was skewed left and NFC was almost symmetrical. Both leagues are about the same by just looking at them so I did the Summary Stats for it. 

Result 6: Summary Stats for League to Speed   [Info]
Summary statistics for 40 SPEED:
Group by: League
League n Mean Variance Std. dev. Std. err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
AFC 49 4.4904082 0.0043081633 0.0656366 0.0093766571 4.5 0.33 4.26 4.59 4.46 4.53
NFC 51 4.49 0.003752 0.061253571 0.0085772156 4.49 0.26 4.33 4.59 4.45 4.54

In the Summary Stats, I saw that AFC has the highest center but also has the highest mean.

This data has shown me that overally corner backs are usually the fastest player but in my data a running back was the fastest. I also was able to find that running backs have the most spread of players, from really fast players to just average players. American Football Conference has the highest mean and also the fastest player in the NFL.


Result 5: Box Plot for Speed to League   [Info]
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HTML link:
<A href="">NFL Fastest Players by Position</A>

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