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Created: Apr 6, 2014
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Stat Crunch University Survey Male vs Female, How Do the Number of Hours Worked Relate To the Amount of Debt Accrued?
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The report below is based on the entire student population of StatCrunch University.  Various charts of data will be presented in order to achieve an answer to the above question. To come to a conclusion, a series of basic questions will be presented and answered as we gain the information needed.             What proportions of students at StutCrunch University are female? Which gender takes more classes, and which gender works more hours? Which gender has accrued more debt?

First we will find the gender ratio of the entire student population at StatCrunch University. What porportion is female?


Result 1: Pie Chart With Data: Male vs female   [Info]
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The results show that at StatCrunch University  there are more females in comparison to males. Women make up almost 2/3 of the student population.

Next we will adddress which gender has more class hours? And, which gender has more work hours? How do these compare?

Result 2: Men compared to women and the amount of class hours vs. work Hours.   [Info]
Summary statistics for Work HRS:
Group by: Gender
Gender Max Min Range Median Std. err. Std. dev. Variance Mean
Female 36 0 36 0 2.4605068 10.7251 115.02778 8.5
Male 32.5 0 32.5 0 3.1599901 10.480501 109.84091 4.4090909

Summary statistics for Class HRS.:
Group by: Gender
Gender Max Min Range Median Std. err. Std. dev. Variance Mean
Female 21 3 18 15 0.89851284 3.9165267 15.339181 14.684211
Male 18 6 12 16 1.0309267 3.4191971 11.690909 14.090909

The data shows that in comparison, women go to class more and work more hours on average than men.

Which gender tends to have more loans and debt?

Result 3: Dotplot: Men and women credit card debt and student loans   [Info]
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Women have more credit card debt compared to men. And women also have greater loan debt than men. So women have more debt.

In conclusion:

The results of the data retrieved from StatCrunch University show initially that there is a great percentage of women than men. The findings also show that women work more hours and tend to have more classes compared to the men. Although the women work more we see that they have accrued greater debt compared to the men. I found that different graphs worked better depending on the information I was trying to show. The pie graph was a clear way to show the ratio of men to women. But other charts were better in reporting information with more variables, such as the number of hours worked by each gender. The statistics report showed a wide range of valuable information. With the vast amount of information on the debt data,  it was easier to view the information side by side on a dot chart.

Here is my data set.

Data set 1. statcrunchusample.php   [Info]
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