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Created: Aug 1, 2013
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Inferential Statistics
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The purpose of this survey was to learn about the diet and excercise habits of our friends.  The population that we sampled is American adults.  This is a sample of our facebook friends it is not random, but a voluntary response to a  convience survey, since everyone did not respond. 

We asked the following questions.

1.  How many days per  week  do you excercise?

2.  How many soft drinks per week do you drink?

3.  In the past six months have you lose weight?  yes/ no

4.  Of these healthy food choices, which do you find most difficult to add to your diet?

     Dairy    Vegetables   Fruits    Lean Meats   Whole Grains.

                       Categorical Varible

a.  The yes / no  question we used, In the past six months have you lost weight?

     The pie chart indicates 52.29 % of those surveyed  did loose weight.

b.   The 95% confidence interval shows, the chance of the true mean falling between 0.440  and 0.598.


                          Numerical Value

In the last six months did you lose weight?

a.   The histogram shows a very close interval with those who lost weight slight larger than those who did not.

b.    Summary stat included below the histogram.

      95% confidence interval for the population mean .  I used a z stat as the deviation was known. 

The 95% confidence interval shows the chance of the true mean value falling between 76.330  and 77.670.






Result 1: Weight loss.Mod 6 yes or no   [Info]
Right click to copy

Result 2: weight loss yes response   [Info]
95% confidence interval results:
p : proportion of successes for population
Method: Standard-Wald
Proportion Count Total Sample Prop. Std. Err. L. Limit U. Limit
p 80 154 0.5194805 0.040260557 0.44057128 0.59838974

Result 3: Histogram weight loss yes /no mod 6   [Info]
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Result 4: Column Statistics weight loss mod six   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
var1 2 77 18 4.2426405 3 77 6 74 80 74 80

Result 5: 95% One sample Z statistics with summary   [Info]
95% confidence interval results:
μ : population mean
Standard deviation = 4.2426405
Mean n Sample Mean Std. Err. L. Limit U. Limit
μ 153 77 0.34299716 76.327736 77.672264

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<A href="">Inferential Statistics </A>

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