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Created: Dec 7, 2011
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The Cost of Text Books
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Stephenie Espinoza

Rakaylah Misquez


Stats Project


                The members in our group are Rakaylah and Stephenie.  We decided to choose our topic because we can relate to the other students on campus with the high pricing of book fees.  This relates to the economy because the sales tax last year was at a higher rate and dropped this year. We wanted to see whether students paid more with the higher taxes.  The student surveys on statcrunch and talking to students in classes. No biases were present during our survey.

Data set 1. stat proj   [Info]
To analyze this data, please sign in.

    One Mean Test #1

1.       H0= 250
1.       H1>250
2.       α=.05
3.       One Mean Test
4.       Reject H0 if P-value <.05
5.       T=.840   P-value =.2056
Reject Ho. There is enough evidence to support H1. Claim False

We Found that on an average students paid over $250 for their text books.


Result 4: Column Statistics REALLY USE   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Variance Std. Dev. Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Last Year 20 253.2 21915.326 148.03825 33.10236 242.5 700 0 700 155 294.5
This Year 20 270.75 12198.092 110.44498 24.696247 227.5 365 135 500 180 320

Result 5: Boxplot USE   [Info]
Right click to copy


Result 2: One sample T statistics with data use   [Info]
Hypothesis test results:
μ : mean of Variable
H0 : μ = 250
HA : μ > 250
Variable Sample Mean Std. Err. DF T-Stat P-value
This Year 270.75 24.696247 19 0.84020865 0.2056

Proportion Test #2

 1.   H0:P1=P2
 1.  H1: P1P2
 2.  α=.05
 3.  Two Proportion Test
 4.Reject H0 if p-value <.05
 5.Z= 0.6356      P-value =.0525

Failed to Reject H0. Failed to Support H1. We cannot say it’s True.

Majority of students that we surveyed paid more than $250 for their books.


Result 1: Pie chart with summary   [Info]
Right click to copy

 Hypothesis test results:
p1 : proportion of successes for population 1
p2 : proportion of successes for population 2
p1 - p2 : difference in proportions
H0 : p1 - p2 = 0
HA : p1 - p2 ≠ 0






Sample Diff.

Std. Err.



p1 - p2












     Pared Difference Test  #3

1.       H0 : µd=0
1.       H1: µd˂0
2.       α= .05
3.       Pared Difference Test
4.       Reject Ho if P-value <.05
5.       T= -0.463  P-value =.3242
Reject H0. There is enough evidence to Support H1. Claim : We cannot say true.
We found that students paid more for books this year as opposed to last year since we reject H0.

Result 3: Paired T statistics Use   [Info]
Hypothesis test results:
μ1 - μ2 : mean of the paired difference between Last Year and This Year
H0 : μ1 - μ2 = 0
HA : μ1 - μ2 < 0
Difference Sample Diff. Std. Err. DF T-Stat P-value
Last Year - This Year -17.55 37.88108 19 -0.46329197 0.3242

       Our project did not turn out the way we thought it would because students paid more for books this year even though taxes were higher last year. We were surprised that a student paid $700 for text books.  If we had more time we could have asked more students how much they paid for books both last year and this year. That a lot of money is spent on purchasing text books is what we learned. We both shared equal responsibility in the surveying of students and the gathering of data.








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