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Created: Nov 30, 2011
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Importance of Communications
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Importance of Communications

Sample:Each group member sent the survey to friends and family on Facebook.

Purpose: The purpose was to identify if communications would benefit highschool students ,and promote higher graduation rates. Also, to identify the most beneficial communications courses including:broadcast, journalism, creative writing, and basic communications. Lastly, communications influence on today's economy, and other forms of media such as ipod, iphone, mp3, and ebooks. To access the relevance of the field of communications, one must have a better interpretation of the field. In general communications has a wide range of fields within itself. Mass communication, Journalism, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking are all majors with in the field. With a degree in communications one can become a television broadcastor, PR agent for celebrity cliental, interview with political figures ect.

Communications is a very broad field. You can flip flop between journalism and communications, education and communications, you are not  limited with a degree in communications as you may be with other majors. Also, communications helps one to better understand  the english language and how to interact with others, this is called interpersonal commincations. Mass communications helps one to understand how the technology of today's society helps  unify the United states as a culture. Inventions in the field of mass communications such as movable type made paved the way for books, and other narratives still around today. This invention made it easier for the masses back in the 1440's to obtain different literature that would have taken much longer without the advancement. Imagine writing out everything by hand because there was no such thing as  type writers or computers .These are a couple, but not all inventions attributed by the field of mass communications. Basic communication skills are something we need in everyday life.

Descriptive Measures:Our survey was randomly given out.Each group member simply posted the link on facebook and waited for responses.Therefore,we will never know who filled out our survey or the answers they chose.We did this to eliminate bias,and get the best data we could.We chose to use bar graphs to display our data.The bar graphs give a clear visual of our responses.

Summary of Statistical Analysis:Our data shows that 44% of the 25 people who took our survey believe if a basic communications class was mandatory,it could benefit highschool students.Of the same 25 people,36% believed Creative writing would be beneficial,12% believed broadcasting would be beneficial,and finally 8% of the people believed journalism would be the most beneficial.Basic communication is probably the area that most highschool students need to work on.Creative writing,broadcast and journalism are more specific areas of communications and probably wouldnt be more beneficial to highschool students than the basic skills.Having a mandatory basic communications class may increase graduation rates and even lower violence in highschools.Our data shows that 21 out of 25 people  believe that a mandatory communications class would increase graduation rates.Out of the same 25 people,4 believe a mandatory communications class would not increase graduation rates.Out of 25 people,40% said broadcast would be a profitable field,28% said Journalism would be profitable/successful,24% said basic communications would be profitable/successful,and 8% believed creative writing would be successful/profitable.These results are probably based on the persons preferable field.Broadcast /media is a huge and interesting field within communications.Media is all around us which is probably a reason why the majority of people we surveyed said it was the most profitable.Looking at the data we can conclude that,it may be a good idea to incorporate basic communications skills in highschool students education.We also can conclude that maybe broadcast is the best field to go into  if we want to make more money.

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