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Created: Nov 27, 2011
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Honolulu, Hawaii Hotels avg price/night
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I chose to do my bootstrapping project on Hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii. I picked a random sample of 10 based on a family of 4. I used to retrieve this information. Here is my raw data:

Data set 1. Hawaii Hotels avg rate/night   [Info]
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Here I took my raw data with a sample size 10 and resampled it 1000 times. I also have the mean for each sample with replacements.

Data set 2. Hawaii Hotels avg rate/night (mean)   [Info]
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Here you can see that I have an approximately normal distribution because of the shape on my historgram which is bell-shaped.

Result 1: hawaii histogram   [Info]
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Here you can see the standard deviation and the mean of my sample.

Result 2: Column Statistics for hawaii   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Std. Dev.
Mean 1000 261.5956 35.63709

Here we can compare results of my raw data with my sample one and we can see that the means are slightly close to eachother as well as the standard error and standard deviation from my bootstrap sample column.

Result 3: Column Statistics hawaii (raw data)   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Std. Dev. Std. Err.
Price/Night 10 259.3 115.768974 36.609364

Here we can see the percentiles of my bootstrap sample.

Result 4: Column Statistics hawaii (sample price)   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column 2.5th Per. 97.5th Per.
Sample(Price/Night) 114 495

On this chart we can see the 95% confidence interval for my raw data. The upper and lower bound are not exactly close to my bootstrapping sample.

Result 5: One sample T statistics with data for hawaii   [Info]
95% confidence interval results:
μ : mean of Variable
Variable Sample Mean Std. Err. DF L. Limit U. Limit
Price/Night 259.3 36.609364 9 176.48387 342.11615

Here I resampled the price column and the percentiles were near the upper and lower bounds of my previous chart with the confidence interval.

Result 6: Resample Statistic for hawaii on raw data   [Info]
Statistic: mean(Price)
Observed n Mean Std. Dev. 2.5th Per. 5th Per. 50th Per. 95th Per. 97.5th Per.
259.3 1000 259.622 33.53307 200.2 207.2 257.4 320.5 331.7

In these graphs you can see that my data is approximately normal based on the shape,center, and spread.

Result 7: Resample Statistic for hawaii   [Info]
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Result 8: Resample Statistic for hawaii   [Info]
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Here is my applet as you can see everytime you resample your percentiles change along with the standard deviation.

Result 9: Bootstrap a statistic for hawaii   [Info]







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<A href="">Honolulu, Hawaii Hotels avg price/night</A>

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