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Created: Dec 13, 2010
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Popularity of Soccer in the United States
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I chose to do a survey on the popularity of soccer in the United States. I asked questions regarding age, sex, ethnicity, if they like soccer, if they watched any of the 2010 world cup, what other sports they watch, if they are willing to watch soccer, if they are a US citizen, and nationality.

I recieved 16 responses. Hispanics made up the majority of people surveyed. Of the men surveyed, 63.64% answered that they like soccer. While 36.36% said they do not. Of the women surveyed, 80% said they like soccer, while only 20% answered no. However, I believe the results to be an innacurate represenation of the true consensus on the popularity of soccer in the United States.


68.75% of the people in my survey said they watched the 2010 World Cup, yet in a poll taken by Zogy international, it stated that only 24% of all Americans watched any part of the world cup.


I believe the number of people surveyed was far too small to form an accurate conclusion. It remains clear that soccer just doesn't have the same popularity in the United States as sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

Result 1: Frequency Table for Male and Females/Age   [Info]
Frequency table results for Q1 What is Your Age Range:
Q1 What is Your Age Range Frequency Relative Frequency
1) 15-19 6 0.42857143
2)20-24 5 0.35714287
3)25-29 1 0.071428575
4) 30-34 1 0.071428575
8) 50-54 1 0.071428575

Frequency table results for Q2 What is Your Sex?:
Q2 What is Your Sex? Frequency Relative Frequency
1) Male 11 0.6875
2) Female 5 0.3125

Result 2: Pie Chart   [Info]
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Result 3: Pie Chart 2   [Info]
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Result 4: Pie Chart3   [Info]
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Result 5: Pie Chart4   [Info]
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Data set 1. Responses to The Popularity of Soccer in the Unite   [Info]
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