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Created: Aug 18, 2010
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Histogram with sliders
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The Histogram with sliders option under the StatCrunch > Applets menu allows users to explore the impact of changing the starting point and bin width parameters for a histogram.  To construct the applet, the user is prompted to specify the column containing the data and an optional Where statement to control the specific rows of data that are included.  In this setting, a Where statement is useful for focusing the analysis on a particular subgroup or for eliminating outliers.  Result 1 shows the dialog window for constructing this applet using the duration column of the Old Faithful data set.

Result 1: Snapshot of Histogram with sliders Dialog   [Info]
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The resulting applet is shown in Result 2.  Users may interactively change the starting point and bin width of the resulting histogram using the sliders provided.  In this case, the bimodal structure of the data is revealed for the bin width shown below, but it can be masked for larger or smaller bin widths.  As an example of potential classroom usage, individual students might provide their own choices for these settings and save their results so that they can be compared with other students.  The current setting for starting point and bin width are saved when the applet is saved using the Options > Export to My Results menu option on the applet window within StatCrunch.

Result 2: Histogram with sliders for the Old Faithful durations   [Info]

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<A href="">Histogram with sliders</A>

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By benavids
Aug 12, 2016

What, really, is the "Starting Point"? I have a set of data that ranges from 1 to 9 and I have created a histogram with the sliders. However, the Starting Point allows values that descend into the negative numbers even though I don't have any data points below zero. What does the Starting Point do?
By petkewic
Aug 18, 2010

Histogram with sliders is a nice new feature . . . glad I found before teaching histograms next week!

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