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Beer Run
Beer Run- Customer Research- Feasibility Study
  1. Please choose the Age group that you fall into.
      Young Adult-21-35
      Middle Aged Adult-35-60
      Elderly Adult-60 and up
  2. How many times do you Drink beer in a week?
      Over 4
  3. On average how much do you spend on alcohol in a week?

    Enter a numeric response.
  4. Have you ever heard of Beer delivery services?
  5. Would you use a beer delivery service to deliver you beer and tobacco products?
  6. Do you have a liquor store located close to you?
  7. How far is the closest liquor store?
      Less than 1 block
      1-5 blocks
      6-10 blocks
      Over a mile
  8. Do you feel like a beer delivery service is a good idea?

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