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Puppeteers: A survey of professional and/or frequent puppet-show performers, about their craft
  1. Under what name do you or your group perform?

  2. How many people perform your show?
      1 to 5
      5 to 10
      More than 10
  3. When did you first begin performing for the public? ( Please enter a numbers- only date. It's okay to guess!)

  4. What is your home location? (If in the United States, please list the 2-letter abbreviation for your state, and you may add your town after, if you like. If in another country, you may list just the country, or follow with city.)

  5. How much do you and the puppets travel?

  6. in 'miles,' what is the longest distance you have ever traveled to give a puppet show?

    Enter a numeric response.
  7. What style of puppet show do you perform?

  8. Are your puppet shows strictly "a labor of love," or are they out there working hard to earn their keep? You may choose simply one or the other, or offer a picture of how well it goes:
  9. What types of funding sources help the puppets?
    Select all that apply
      Private Clients
      Entertainment industry - TV Stations, Production companies, etc.
      Religious and Civic Organizations
      Busking (performing publicly for donations)
      Government agencies
      Educational institutions
      Health institutions
      Restaurants, bars, private clubs
      Shopping malls
  10. Typical audience size
      50 or more
  11. If earning, do your earnings cover expenses and allow for a living wage for each performer?
      1. Yes
      2. No
      3. It varies, depending on the season or other conditions
  12. What months comprise your busy season?
    Select all that apply
      1. All year
      2. January
      3. February
      4. March
      5. April
      6. May
      7. June
      8. July
      9. August
      10. September
      11. October
      12. November
      13. December
  13. What is your favorite type of performance material?

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