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Math 180 Basic Information, Spring 2019
  1. What is your last name?

  2. What is your first name?

  3. If you go by a different name other than your first name, please fill that in here.

  4. How often do you check your email?
  5. What is your major or area of study?

  6. What was the last math course you took?

  7. When did you take your last math course?
  8. Where did you take your last math course?
      Another community college
      A 4-year college (SDSU, UCSD, etc ...)
      High School
  9. What grade did you receive in your last math course?
  10. What math or math-related course will you be taking after this course? If none or uncertain, write "none" or "uncertain".

  11. What calculator do you plan on using in this course?
      TI 82/83/84 Graphing
      TI 86/89 Graphing
      Casio Graphing
      HP Graphing
  12. What do you like most about math?

  13. What do you like least about math?

  14. Pick a random number from 1 to 10.

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