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Talent Show Fundraiser at Yes Dance!
All talents are welcome including but not limited to dancing, singing, gymnastics, reciting poetry, step, speech, cheer, dramatic monologue, playing an instrument, and more. You do not want to miss this exhilarating event! Do you have “WHAT IT TAKES”?
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  1. Who will be doing the talent? *
      Individual Act
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  2. Name of Participant: *

  3. Telephone: *

  4. Email:

  5. Will performance need props? (i.e., 2 tables, 1 chair, upright piano, music stand…)
    1. Will performance need props? (i.e., 2 tables, 1 chair, upright piano, music stand…) *
    2. If Yes, please explain here:

  6. Solo ACT ~$20 entry fee Talent Description:

  7. Group Act ~ $10 per participants or ($5 each if more than 2) Talent Description:

  8. Names, age, and phone of participants in group:

  9. Unusual/Interesting facts about performance: *

  10. RULES Acts will be allotted no more than ten (10) minutes to perform. Acts will be penalized if time is exceeded. 2. Participants may perform a maximum of two acts during the show. For example, a participant can perform in a dance group and a solo instrument act. However, the participant must pay a total of $25 to perform both acts, given this will increase their chances of winning first place overall. 3. No profanity or vulgar lyrics in any vocal performance or dance music. Genres of music may include but are not limited to pop, rap, R&B, jazz, country, rock, blues, Latin and gospel. 4. No nudity allowed! Keep attire at a respectable and tasteful level. 5. No alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be shown on any clothing. 6. No pyrotechnics, open flames, sharp objects such as knives or any other dangerous additions. 7. Sound technician and microphone will be provided. You must provide your own CD music, instruments, props, keyboard, etc. if needed. 8. Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment tracks with vocal background. Lip singing is not allowed. 9. Acts are not required but encouraged to bring 2 CD’s if music will be used in case of malfunctions. Because of quality deviations in CD readers, not all self-made CDs are readable on all machines. 10. Participants must submit their entry form no later than 9pm on June 30, 2018. For questions or contact us at 11. Participants must pay $20 entry fee for individual acts and $10 per person for group acts no later than 9pm June 30, 2018. 12. Participants must arrive to the talent show located at Yes Dance! Studio at no later than 5pm on August 11. Address: 705 Paseo Nuevo Mall, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 13. Participants must perform acts inside their scope of abilities. Parents knowingly and freely accept risks of injury. 14. Winner will be chosen based on average score composed by judges. Acts will be judged based on creativity, quality, and stage presence. All judges’ scores are final and will not be released to the public. 15. Parents, family, and friends of participants must purchase a ticket to attend the show.

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