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Math 160 Anonymous Data Collection, Intersession 2018
  1. Are you male or female?
  2. Have you ever traveled outside the United States?
  3. Do you consider yourself an “early bird” (you like to get up early) or a “night owl” (you like to stay up all night and then sleep in)?
      Early Bird
      Night Owl
  4. How old are you (in years)?

  5. How old are you, exactly, in months? (So if someone turned 20 two months ago, they are 20*12+2 = 242 months old).

  6. In what city were you born?

  7. What is your shoe size? (Use .5 for half sizes, ie. 7 1/2 would be 7.5)

  8. What is your height in inches? (5 ft = 60, 6 ft = 72)

  9. If you can, estimate the height of your father in inches.

  10. If you can, estimate the height of your mother in inches.

  11. Which wireless provider do you use for your cell phone? (Put "none" if you do not have a cell phone).

  12. On average, how many text messages do you send or receive daily?

  13. How much was your last cell phone bill? (Leave blank if you don't own a cell phone.)

  14. How many hours do you normally sleep each night?

  15. How many hours per week do you work? (Put 0 if you currently don't have a job.)

  16. Do you have a credit card?
  17. How much credit card debt (in dollars) do you have?

  18. How much did you spend (in dollars) on your last haircut?

  19. Do you use Facebook?
  20. Do you use Twitter?
  21. Do you use Reddit?
      What the hell is Reddit?
  22. Do you use Instagram?
  23. Which of the following would you identify yourself as if you had to choose one?
  24. Pick a random number from 1 to 10.

Responses to this survey are not being accepted at this time.

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