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17FA Tattoo Survey A
This is a short survey on tattoos and your opinion about them. This is completely anonymous.
  1. Study Title: Tattoo Stigmas Researcher: Jennifer Harrison & Lisa Troy Email Address: You are invited to be part of a research study. The information in this form is provided to help you decide if you want to participate. The form describes what you will do during the study and the risks and benefits of the study. If you have any questions or do not understand something in this form, you should ask the researcher. Do not participate in the study unless the researcher has answered your questions and you decide that you want to be part of this study. WHAT IS THIS STUDY ABOUT? The researcher wants to learn about tattoo stigma. HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL BE IN THIS STUDY? About 100+ participants will be in this study. All participants will be 18 years of age or older. If you do not meet the description above, you are not able to be in the study. WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS STUDY? The researcher is not receiving funds to conduct this study. WILL IT COST ANYTHING TO BE IN THIS STUDY? You do not have to pay to be in the study. HOW LONG WILL I BE IN THE STUDY? If you decide to be in this study, your participation will last about 15 minutes. WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THIS STUDY? If you decide to be in this study and if you sign this form, you will do the following things: Complete a survey about your perceptions about tattoos. WILL BEING IN THIS STUDY HELP ME? Being in this study will not help you. Information from this study might help researchers help others in the future. ARE THERE RISKS TO ME IF I AM IN THIS STUDY? No study is completely risk-free. However, we don’t anticipate that you will be harmed or distressed during this study. You may stop being in the study at any time if you become uncomfortable. You should be aware, however, that there is a small possibility that responses could be viewed by unauthorized parties (e.g. computer hackers because your responses are being entered and stored on a web server). WILL I GET PAID? You will not receive anything for being in the study. DO I HAVE TO BE IN THIS STUDY? Your participation in this study is voluntary. You can decide not to be in the study and you can change your mind about being in the study at any time. There will be no penalty to you. If you want to stop being in the study, tell the researcher. WHO WILL USE AND SHARE INFORMATION ABOUT MY BEING IN THIS STUDY? Any information you provide in this study that could identify you such as your name, age, or other personal information will be kept confidential. All data collected will be stored on a password protected computer that is only assessable by the researcher. In any written reports or publications, no one will be able to identify you. The researcher will keep the information you provide on a password protected computer and only the researchers will have access to the study data. Even if you leave the study early, the researcher may still be able to use your data. If survey is already submitted. Limits of Privacy (Confidentiality) Generally speaking, the researcher can assure you that she/he will keep everything you tell him/her or do for the study private. Yet there are times where the researcher cannot keep things private (confidential). The researcher cannot keep things private (confidential) when: The researcher finds out that a child or vulnerable adult has been abused The researcher finds out that that a person plans to hurt him or herself, such as commit suicide, The researcher finds out that a person plans to hurt someone else, There are laws that require many professionals to take action if they think a person might harm themselves or another, or if a child or adult is being abused. In addition, there are guidelines that researchers must follow to make sure all people are treated with respect and kept safe. In most states, there is a government agency that must be told if someone is being abused or plans to hurt themselves or another person. Please ask any questions you may have about this issue before agreeing to be in the study. It is important that you do not feel betrayed if it turns out that the researcher cannot keep some things private. WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT THIS STUDY? You can ask questions about the study at any time. You can email the researcher at any time if you have any concerns or complaints. You should email the researcher if you have questions about the study procedures, study costs (if any), study payment (if any), or if you get hurt or sick during the study. DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THIS STUDY? By clicking Agree below you agree to the following statement: I have read this form, and I have been able to ask questions about this study. I voluntarily agree to be in this study. I agree to allow the use and sharing of my study-related records as described above. I have not given up any of my legal rights as a research participant. I will print a copy of this consent information for my records.
      Agree (continue with the survey)
      Disagree (do not complete the survey)
  2. Current Age

  3. What is your race / ethnicity?

  4. Gender
  5. Do you currently have at least one tattoo?
  6. Employment
    1. Status
    2. Do you think employers should require employees to cover tattoos, remove piercings, etc for work?
  7. How many tattoos do you currently have? You can count a sleeve as 1.

  8. What age is appropriate for a person to get their first tattoo?
  9. Do you enjoy learning the meaning behind someone else's tattoos?
  10. When seeing someone with tattoos for the first time, your initial general response is...
  11. Does the placement of someone's tattoo(s) influence your opinion negatively?
  12. Do you think tattoos make a person more or less attractive?
      More Attractive
      Less Attractive
  13. Do you think a person with tattoos is more intelligent or less intelligent than someone without tattoos?
      More intelligent
      Less intelligent
  14. Do you think a person with tattoos is generally more healthy or less healthy than individuals without tattoos?
      More healthy
      Less healthy
  15. Do you think a person with tattoos is more or less rebellious than an individual without tattoos?
      More rebellious
      Less rebellious
  16. Do you think a person with tattoos is more or less spiritual than a person without tattoos?
      More spiritual
      Less spiritual
  17. Do you think a person with tattoos is more or less economically successful than a person without tattoos?
      More successful
      Less successful
  18. Do you think tattoos are a positive option for self-expression?

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