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What're You Having for Lunch?
This is a survey for a project in my Statistics class. Please answer honestly, and most importantly, thank you for helping me out! Note: This may be redundant, but please, only college students may fill out this survey.
  1. Hello! To start things off, what is your gender?
      Prefer not to say
  2. How old are you?

    Enter a numeric response.
  3. What year of college are you in?
      1st Year
      2nd Year
      3rd Year
      4th Year
  4. How many credits are you taking this semester?
      More than 18
  5. How often do you eat at the on-campus cafeteria (on a weekly basis)?
      1 to 3 times a Week
      4-6 times a Week
      Literally every meal
  6. When preparing to choose a meal (either at the on-campus cafe or at home), which would you be most likely to pick?
      Fried Chicken
      Grilled Chicken
  7. How about a side with that choice?
  8. And to drink?

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