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Travel Industry Survey
This survey is administered by second-year St. Lawrence College marketing students. The purpose of the survey is to gain real-life market research data. Information gathered during this survey will be written up as an infographic and used in a class presentation. What we learn from this survey will help us understand our local community. This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. All results will be kept confidential and are anonymous. Raw survey data will be destroyed when the course is complete. This survey is part of course-based research that has been reviewed and cleared by the St. Lawrence College Research Board (REB). If you have any questions, please contact the course instructor, Melanie Christian, at (613) 544-5400 ext. 1814.
  1. What is your gender?
      Choose not to identify
  2. What is your age?

    Enter a numeric response between 1 and 105 inclusive.
  3. What is your profession?

  4. How many trips do you take in a year? (Including weekend trips and week destination trips)

    Enter a numeric response between 0 and 100 inclusive.
  5. On a scale of 1-to-10 (10=very likely), how likely would you be using online travel services to book your travel?
  6. Where are you likely to travel recreationally?

  7. What are the current online services you use to book your travel?

  8. What is the duration of your typical trip? (in days)

  9. How much time do you spend researching your trip? (in hours)

  10. Where have you heard of travel experiences from?
      Online advertising
      Word of mouth (friends/family)
      Travel agent
      Online travel sites
  11. What is your favorite type of trip?
      Beach vacation
      Cultural exploration
  12. When is your favorite time to travel?
  13. What do you typically spend on a trip (Including transportation, hotel, food, experiences ext.)

    Enter a numeric response between 0 and 1000000 inclusive.
  14. How many hours a week do you work?

    Enter a numeric response between 0 and 168 inclusive.
  15. In your opinion, what is the most stressful part of traveling?
      Planning the trip
      Getting to the location
      Not knowing what activities to do
      Finding good food

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