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Pizza preferences
Family Kingdom Amusement Park's employees have a choice of three kinds of pizza; cheese, pepperoni and sausage. Which will the employees at the park choose and why? My end goal, based on my survey, is to find out which pizza is most popular among the employees at Family Kingdom.
  1. What is your gender?
  2. What is your age?

    Enter a numeric response between 18 and 35 inclusive.
  3. What continent are you from?
  4. How often do you eat pizza?
  5. What kind of pizza do you prefer?
      I do not eat pizza
  6. About how many slices do you eat in one sitting?

    Enter a numeric response between 0 and 10 inclusive.
  7. Of the three kinds of pizza, what would be your second choice if your first choice wasn't available ?
      I would not choose the 2nd choice
      I do not eat pizza
  8. If your second and third choice of pizza were both unavailable; would you take the last option of pizza slice to eat?
  9. What kind of pizza do you think other employees order the most of at Family Kingdom?
  10. Why do you choose this kind of pizza?
      I do not eat pizza

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