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The Influences of Social Media
  1. Please specifiy your gender
      A. Male
      B. Female
      C. Transgender
  2. Please specify your age
  3. What level of education do you have?
  4. How important is social media to your personal life?
      A. Very important
      B. Important
      C. Somewhat
      D. Not Important
  5. What do you use social media for the MOST?
  6. What social media website do you use the MOST?
  7. What part of your day do you spend the MOST time on the social media?
      A. Morning
      B. Mid-Day
      C. Night
  8. How many hours did you spend on social media last week?
      A. 0-2
      B. 2-4
      C. 4-6
      D. 6+
  9. How many hours did you spend on social media today?
      A. 0-1
      B. 1-2
      C. 2-3
      D. 3+
  10. Which do you value more about social media, the sending/sharing of information or receiving/viewing of information?
      A. sending/sharing
      B. Receiving/viewing
      C. Value both equally

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