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Religion Surveysparkfreewire Jun 15, 201795
Group 11 (Ryan Kelly, Mohammed Alessa, Kyle Markle,Rachel Baker, Rachael Kesecker)
Who would you vote for?
tnmorales Mar 29, 201694
Sleepwiipartyallday Jul 21, 201592
STIs Questionnaire - Statistic Project
We are working on a statistics project to see if our sample is an accurate representation of State and Federal statistics on certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Please answer honestly. This survey is 100% anonymous and the information gathered will be used only for the purposes of our project. Thank you for your participation!
lydiasalas920 Nov 2, 201591
Listening to Musicpetkewic Apr 10, 201790
Test Surveymadampitige Oct 18, 201690
Haircut Frequency
How often do you get your hair cut/trimmed?
snposner Jun 28, 201688
Coffee Drinker Survey
This is a survey to gather information about when you bought your coffee this morning or the last morning you bought your coffee. Please respond to all questions. We are trying to figure out if there is a relation between the information we gather and whether you like hot or iced coffee. This is being gathered for a class project. Thanks!
amy_grayrn Nov 8, 201886
Cats v Dogs
A survey being conducted for an Intro to Statistics class.
ryanfshoe Mar 13, 201886
Survey for Lab May 2017petkewic May 1, 201785
My Music Survey
Music Survey
bettyfox40 Sep 3, 201684
Child Advertising rzarrilli946 Feb 18, 201583
Math 140 Movie Survey eortegacoc14 Mar 12, 201882
Sportsjenniferelau Jul 7, 201581
Beer Run
Beer Run- Customer Research- Feasibility Study
28246794_ecollege_semsmlp Nov 9, 201481

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