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Cigarette Smoking
We are conducting a survey to determine which region most cigarette smokers at Flagler College are from.
julia.m.watts Oct 30, 2014109
Group 39 Surveyjthackney Mar 30, 2015107
Group 20tnwhipkey Mar 11, 2015107
Does chewing gum lead to cavities?caseybri Nov 30, 2017106
Time Spent Studying
We would like to collect data from students from any university and see their study habits compared to major and grade
pmlarge Mar 10, 2015106
Cellphones at starbucks
Observing weather gender or being in a group effects weather or not an individual will use their phone while in line at a starbucks
bsfischer1 Sep 26, 2017105
Let's talk about F O O D!
Thank you for choosing to take my survey! Please answer the questions below honestly, and I will share my results at the end of the semester.
hayleyalonapc Feb 5, 2018103
Tootsie Roll Pop
Survey on the number of licks to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop.
stjohn314 Jan 24, 2016102
WVU jacruz Mar 10, 2015102
Gaming - Money and time
Tim, Torrence, Ryon
taw9766 Jan 6, 2015101
Isia Atkinson
Collecting data for my statistics project on how the use of social media affects relationships today. Please answer the following questions in regards to your current relationship or previous relationships.
isia_atkinson Nov 7, 201799
Do you feel safe traveling by air?
In light of many recent air tragedies, this survey aims to perform statistical research on the overall feeling of safety regarding air travel.
bassl3 Apr 7, 201599
Financial Literacy (St. Petersburg College Marketing Research Case Study)2271674 Nov 3, 201596
Religion Surveysparkfreewire Jun 15, 201795
Simple survey of Pets for statistics class.
jaiellog Jul 25, 201695

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