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Sports Preference
This survey is being conducted for a project in the statistics modeling class
asperacchio Mar 9, 2015143
Healthcare worker satisfaction surveylinda892 May 18, 2015142
Fitness and Weightliftingcarneyj1390 Nov 22, 2014140
Student Survey Data
Introduce yourself to someone sitting near you and collect the following information from him/her. Submit the information about your partner, not yourself. First, introduce yourself to your partner. What is his/her name? We will not include names with our data collection, but it is good to know his/her name.
loib Aug 22, 2017139
Do You Have a Doctor?
Stats 2016 Jenn Meyer I set it to be "Open for responses" & "Allow multiple submissions from the same respondent."
4jenn.meyer Jan 20, 2016138
Passing Gas in Public
This survey is being conducted to get an idea of what proportion of people have passed gas in public and allowed another to be blamed for the smell.
jlc Apr 13, 2015134
Study Habitscomiller93 Mar 11, 2015129
Should registered nurses be required to obtain a BSN?
This survey will analyze if registered nurses believe that practicing registered nurses should obtain a bachelor degree in nursing science.
kelynndi Nov 5, 2017127
Group 2
Data to be obtained from RNs, LPNs and other licensed Health Care professionals without bachelor's degrees.
jsweenor2 Jan 25, 2018124
2016 Presidential Election-Group 1zasimmons Apr 3, 2016123
Group 32 Surveyrlmcclung Apr 3, 2016121
Jesuit Student Driverswill.mccaddon Oct 13, 2015120
Eating habits of adults
analyze eating habits of adults
ja82606 Jan 18, 2017118
Movie Attendance per Yearjaiauna.spann99 Apr 20, 2017113
Math 140 project spring 2018vigilantnurse Mar 12, 2018111

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