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Nightlifetmweber406 Mar 10, 2015220
Differences in Age Between Friends at Duquesne University
Does the age of a Duquesne University student affect the age of his/her friends? (i.e. - a 20 year old being friends with other 20 year olds)
spainm Mar 30, 2016219
Fitness in The Lives of Americans krpeck Mar 10, 2015211
Working For the Weekendbmpeasley Nov 4, 2015189
Guess a Numberhbarker2 Mar 1, 2016181
Student Survey Data
Introduce yourself to someone sitting near you and collect the following information from him/her. Submit the information about your partner, not yourself. First, introduce yourself to your partner. What is his/her name? We will not include names with our data collection, but it is good to know his/her name.
loib Aug 22, 2017177
What makes you buy a pair of gym shoes?
This is a survey for a stats 201 class. If you could please answers the questions accurately and to the best of your ability.
kijackson655 Mar 6, 2015173
Stop Sign Observational Studydajimenez3 Sep 24, 2018161
2016 Presidential Election Survey
This survey's purpose is to get a general idea regarding the upcoming Presidential Election.
kippolito88 Sep 1, 2016156
Coke or Pepsi? Does age or gender influence your preference?
Does your age play a part in whether you prefer Pepsi or Coke?
judithmcdermott Aug 26, 2017155
Math 140 Project: Sweet or Savory?laurenquickk Mar 13, 2018154
Priorities at college
We would love and really appreciate it if you would take a moment to participate in our study by taking our short survey we created for our Statistics class! This survey is to look at what student's true focuses are here at WVU: their studies versus their nightlife.
tgraf18 Mar 11, 2015154
Caffiene Consumption in Adultsggnurse1022 Sep 10, 2016149
Just a Random Survey of Silly Questions
Easy Road or the Hard One?
sellerj4 Nov 7, 2014149
Stat Surveyasangha793 May 14, 2019146

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