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Five Guys vs In & Outvsmcgeeii May 9, 201857
Math Student Suverey
Hello, this survey is for my hornors statistics project. I need at least 50 responses from students who are taking a math class and teachers teaching a math class. Each response is for one class only. So is please keep that in mind when answering the survey questions. My objective to take the amount of hours teachers and students put into their workload per week and compare the two. I also want to see if they amount of hours effect the amount of sleep teachers and students get per week.
alexismfisher Nov 15, 201557
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
How many pairs of shoes do you own? (ie: cleats, sneakers, high heels, flats, crocs, slippers, etc.)
rkflaherty19 Oct 4, 201557
My Research Project-Stress and Obesity elisabeth.wood Feb 20, 201557
Seamus Hilt
Seamus Hilt's SC Data Survey
shilt15 Oct 8, 201756
Retirement Confidence Surveyjeffsiffus Sep 13, 201756
This is online shopping sarvey for statistics class project
awetakida Apr 9, 201756
sleep survey
Please do me a favor and take one minute to fill out this questionnaire for my stats class. I have to have at least 20 people's data by mid week to submit. All responses are anonymous. Thanks very much!
jasskaya Jan 25, 201955
Exercising and Age Comparison Survey
Hello..I need your help! I am trying to complete a project for my statistics class and need your input...I am doing a comparison between the amount of exercise an individual gets in a day and I am trying to find out if age and gender plays a role in that. All answers are confidential and will only be used for statistical purposes for this assignment.
smzolt2014 Jul 23, 201555
School and Work
This is a survey for my statistics class for a correlation statistic study.
ericke4512 Apr 19, 201555
Female NFL Fans in America
The purpose of this study is to find out what proportion of American women (ages 18-55) watch any NFL football games on Sunday.
marcuspmaier Oct 26, 201455
Where do you prefer to study?knorellana May 2, 201954
Jose Romero's class Group 2 - Jason Clummstabell85 May 24, 201754
Flagler College students opinions on Smoking Policy on campuskkennedy148 Jun 6, 201654
Simple Game
rflek May 19, 201554

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